The Breezer SoundHike’s next big adventure will take lucky winners to the spectacular English city of Leeds. The Sherp has prepared a short check list that you must complete while at one of England’s metropolitan hot spots. 

leeds inside

1. A Taste Of India 

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English cuisine not quite your cup of tea? Check out Hansa’s – the restaurant providing the best vegetarian Gujarati cuisine in the city for the past 20 years. Samosas, chaats and everything catered to fulfill your required daily dose of masala.


2. The Leeds Industrial Museum 

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The city of Leeds has an industrial past that has played an important role in shaping the country as we know it today. Home to one of the world’s largest textile mills, the space has been transformed into a museum that immortalizes its glorious days of yesteryear. The rustic structure still possesses its old school machinery and you can even chalk down notes about how the earliest textile mills produced cloth.


3. Plenty of open space

Despite being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the country, Leeds has its fair share of scenic, spacious spots where you can stroll freely across the countryside. The Meanwood Valley Trail is seven miles of exploration just minutes away from the bustle of the city.You can also wander to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park situated a casual bus ride away from the city. This could be a pleasant break from the noisy city and you can bask in the fresh air, uninterrupted.


4. Nightlife extraordinaire  

nightlife1The Kaiser Chiefs

nightlife2The O2 Academy

For those of you who aren’t already aware, Leeds has been named the Best British city for restaurants and nightlife. The nightclubs in particular, are a mix of old school pubs to dance event venues. Leeds is home to the Kaiser Chiefs and it has an unparalleled live music culture. You must check out places such as Mojo, The O2 Academy and Corn Exchange to name a few.


5. Wind back the clock 


While you admire all of Leeds’ scenic beauty, you could also take a trip down memory lane and visit the massive Lego store which includes LEGO exclusives that can’t be found anywhere else. LEGO fans of all ages can see many sets built and out of the box, get expert advice and of course, building tips and tricks. The centre of the store is an interactive play area designed for hands-on, minds-on play and the unique Pick a Brick wall features a variety of elements where you can complete your models. Check out the modular design of Glastonbury that they prepared recently HERE.


6. Old school cinema 

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The Hyde Park Picture House is another historical masterpiece situated within Leeds. This vintage cinema still uses original gas lighting, dating back to the origins of filming. It also possesses an Edwardian balcony and you can catch some serious cinematic beauties at the theatre.


7. Festivals & carnivals


Leeds is at the heart of the UK summer music festival season with thousands heading over year after year. The city is also home to many large scale events including a few of this year’s Rugby World Cup matches, Leeds West Indian Carnival, Bingley Music Festival, The Leeds International Beer Festival as well as their most popular and globally renowned outing – The Leeds Festival.


(Cover Image via: Reading Festival Facebook)