Take a look at the musically and culturally rich cauldron of fiestas that is Mexico.

As one of the most beautiful places in the world, Mexico makes for an incredible festival destination. Be it a musically driven festival like The BPM Festival or a culturally grand fiesta that is the Carnival in Mexico, there’s much to discover here this summer. The Sherp will walk you through it all, take a look!


1. The BPM Festival 

When: January

Since the past eight years, BPM Festival has put Mexico on the map like no other music festival has. It emerged, seemingly out of nowhere, and took over the world of dance music with a massive bevy of international electronic acts over the span of ten days every year. Famous for being one of the longest electronic music festivals all over the globe, BPM sees a vast and eclectic expanse of musicians every year. Spanned over ten days, each day featuring about sixteen hours of uninhibited music, this festival is an immensely thorough experience for anyone who enjoys electronic music. Read more about the festival here.

bpm 4

(Source: thebpmfestival.com)


2. Bahidorá Music Festival

When: February 20, 2016

Bahidorá, a two-day music festival in Morelos, is probably the global music festival circuit’s best-kept secrets. A spectacular boutique festival, Bahidorá prides itself in the carnival-esque vibe it dons for most of the festival. Although this festival does not see many tourists, they are always welcomed handsomely and with open arms. You can expect grand processions, incredible music, sunbathing, kayaking, and a lot more extraordinary stuff. This festival is truly a sensory-overload, and undoubtedly a great way to spend summer.


(Source: Bruno Mendizábal/Behance)


3. Electric Daisy Carnival, Mexico

When: February 27-28, 2016

An electrifying 3-day dance party which initiated back in 1997, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a traditional electronic music festival with DJs at its forefront, shelling out the best of ‘EDM’. Of its international editions, the Mexico one is extremely popular among dance music fans. But as opposed to a lot of other electronic festival, EDC comes with a certain aesthetic, and this, mixed with the homegrown colours of Mexico, give rise to an eclectic visual and aural combination.


(Source: electricdaisycarnival.com)


4. Carnival in Mexico

When: February (TBA)

The Carnival in Mexico is a great celebration of colours and culture. Although this festival is celebrated by over 225 communities in various ways, the most famous legs of the carnival are held in Mazatlan and the city of Veracruz, respectively. You can expect a great brilliance of processions, colourful floats, townsfolk in splendid costumes and great harvests. Though not as grand, the spirit of this festival can give Rio’s carnival a run for its money. Take a look at the sheer picturesque splendour that is the Mexican carnival.


(Source: mexiconewsnetwork.com)


5. Festival  NRMAL

When: March 12-13, 2016

Festival NRMAL prides itself in the eclectic lineups and wide range of acts they brings to the city of Monterrey every year. An amalgamation of homegrown and international underground acts, this festival focuses on the quality and power of live music, rather than the quantity or revenue it brings them. NRMAL is an important outlet for the Mexico City music scene, mixing big time independent acts with virtual unknowns. The festival will also hold an edition in Mexico City, you can check out the lineup here.


(Source: Erez Avissar/Pitchfork)


6. Festival de México

When: Mid-March, 2016

Festival de Mexico is a spectacular amalgamation of dance, music, theatre, and opera. A festival of keen diversity, Festival de Mexico caters to a wide range of crowds, including the townspeople and the tourists. Held in mid-March, this two-week extravaganza unfolds in the downtown Historic Center in Mexico City. Art, music and culture litters the streets of the city for these 18 days, with over 60 venues featuring approximately 280 events. It’s a terribly lively affair, and one you mustn’t miss if you happen to visit Mexico in March.

mexico city

(Source: whc.unesco.org)


7. Vive Latino

When: April, 2016

Conceptualized in 1998, Vive Latino is a music and culture festival in Mexico City that is famous for its modern/avant garde disposition. Featuring some amazing alternative and rock acts from around the globe, this festival is one to watch out for if you’re a keen music-enthusiast. Their 2016 edition will be headlined by some outstanding acts such as Of Monsters And Men, The Prodigy, and Two Door Cinema Club. Apart from that, the festival also features a ton of other activities, such as street theatre, slam poetry and dance performances. You can check out their full, and honestly pretty spectacular lineup, here.

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(Source: Josue Morales Creative Commons/Fest300)