We show you some of the best Instagram accounts that will make you fall in love with the lost records!

Vinyl records have a particular charm and enigma around them. Back in the day, before there were cassette tapes, audio discs or any other form of listening to music, vinyl was the king. There was no similar satisfaction than to unwrap a freshly store-bought record, place it on the turntable and let the needle do the work from there on. The sound quality was something that stood out from everything else that we listen to today. There used to be a crisp crackle every few seconds, which for some reason, seemed to replicate the reality and the effort of the artists as well as the sounds created by them!

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With the advancement of technology, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the vinyl era quickly took a backseat. Although cassette tapes were a prominent tool for music, they are still not celebrated the way vinyl records are. Artists still release limited copies of their songs on vinyl. Why? Because there are still people who are extremely passionate about collecting vinyls and storing them.

We’ve made a short list of some die-hard vinyl lovers who have been showcasing their impressive collections on Instagram!

1. @dadsdiscdelights

Credits: dadsdiscdelights Instagram

This project, self titled as a “vinyl project between father and daughter”, is bound to make jaws drop. The profile sees photographer Zoe Timmers capture her dad’s penchant for vinyl records, which he has been collecting for over 72 years now. 72 YEARS! The collection takes up a whole living room. Timmers’ father, only referred to as “dad” throughout the feed, would pick each record, and provide a great caption, while daughter Zoe would take the photo and post it to the page. Her father passed away in 2014, but she still makes sure to keep the page alive. The collection is something you need to see with you own eyes to believe!

2. @noblerecords

Credits: Noble Records Instagram

Credits: Noble Records Instagram

While a majority of the vinyl-themed accounts just providing you with some beautiful eye-candy, The Noble Records actually sells records. They have an impressive collection of records and based from their pictures, it seems like they’re huge fans of the classic rock genre. They put up posts with price tags on the top of the records. So anyone who is interested can just pay online and the records are shipped to you (in perfect condition of course)!

3. @dustandgrooves

Credits: Dust and Grooves Instagram

The Dust and Grooves book was originally a photography project created by Eilon Paz. The project started out a crowd funded project on Kickstarter. Then, almost 637 people pledged over $41,000 to make the book a reality. The book features spellbinding photos of vinyl collectors “in their most intimate environment: their record room.” You’ll find varying rooms of people all over the world who collect records. Expect anything from tiny nooks in houses to complete rooms dedicated only to stacking up piles of vinyls!

4. @Rushourmusic

Credits: Rush Hour Music Instagram

Rush Hour acts as a record shop, travelling DJ crew, and an all-round curator of fun, eclectic music that stays true to a digger-focused demographic. Their page features some of the best records you can get your hands on! They even have some experienced artists come in for weekly sessions. Selectors choose some of the most quirky vinyls from the lot and lay them all out for the DJ’s to spin and for the attendees to get a taste of the music! If you feel good that day, you might even buy a couple of records! 

5. @stevekouta

Credits: stevekouta Instagram

Another individual collector who has moulded a distinctive style of making his profile stick out from the others. Australian ‘stevekouta’ has upped the game with his sleek presentation aesthetics and broad pool of posts and wide range of genres. He has everything, from classic MJ records to the latest Kaytranada. Equipment wise, you’re going to drool when you hear his record players, one of which includes a floating record player. Keep up with Steve’s various recommendations and you’ll soon have the record setup of your dreams. A must follow account! 

6. @vinylyorkies

Credits: vinylyorkies Instagram

Credits: vinylyorkies Instagram

Nothing melts hearts and captures the internet dwellers attention like hordes of priceless records surrounded by two extremely adorable Yorkshire Terriers! Frank and April; the page’s owners, have successfully cracked the social media code. Their setup is exquisitely pristine, everything in order and then throw in those two adorable mutts and it’s paradise. If you want to see some of the best records presented to you with two wagging tails, this is for you! 

7. @turntablelab

Credits: Turntable Lab Instagram

The Turntable Lab happens to be one of the biggest and oldest record shops which is known to any record collector. New York’s beloved Turntable Lab is one of the most low key, expertly stocked place to cop records anywhere. The account, which is very up-to-date, sees them post their latest hauls so that anyone who is interested can head down and buy it! Because it’s in NYC and one of the biggest hot-spots, it sees some high profile names walk in through their doors too. 

After seeing all of these awesome people and their insanely handpicked collections, it’s just impossible to resist the urge to start a collection right this moment!