The enchanting world of magic has been a source of great pleasure for millions. The Sherp picks out 7 such festivals that keep the spirit of magic alive! 

Magic has always been a thing of wonder for people of all ages since time immemorial. Though we know that they are merely well rehearsed tricks, the amazement when a magician unleashes the final reveal doesn’t lessen. As time progressed, so did the art of magical performances. With increasingly complicated props and sometimes dangerous and death defying tricks, magic is part of a huge entertainment industry. This is proven by these festivals organized around the world that celebrate the deft and stealthy magicians along with art itself.

1. Edinburgh International Magic Festival

The Edinburgh International Magic Festival aims to celebrate the Art of Magic in all its diversity. Presenting a high quality program of live magic performances and produced events, the festival both amazes and inspires audiences. It also strives to encourage magic talent in Scotland and internationally and to explore and promote the potential of magic art through collaboration projects.

2. Melbourne Magic Festival

The Melbourne Magic Festival, was created in 2008 by The Australian Institute of Magic with the dual aim of giving locals the opportunity to see world class performances of magic in a theatrical environment while also providing a platform for performers to create shows that express themselves as artists.


3. Blackpool Magic Festival

Created through the efforts of the Blackpool Magicians Club, the festival has turned into an international event. The festival boasts of workshops, lectures and of course live performances by masters from around the world.


4. The Québec City Magic Festival

This enchanting festival has a program featuring some thirty artists and many bewitching surprises, including a gala during which several magicians perform onstage. With over 50 free magic shows and works, the Quebec City Magic Festival is huge. Organizers also go through great lengths to put up interactive ads incorporating magic and mystery around the city.


5. World Festival Of Magic

The World Festival of Magic is the longest running international magic show of its kind in New Zealand. Over the year both international and Australasian acts have dazzled audiences through spectacular shows.


6. WowFest Magic Arts Festival

The WowFest Magic Arts Festival presents an annual series of shows, featuring top magicians mainly from Canada and variety artists with amazing entertainment for all ages. The festival includes Family Fun events which are as popular with kids as they are with parents, and magic for grown-ups shows presenting deep mysteries and laugh-out-loud comedy.


7. Maxwell Blade’s Festival Of Magic

Master illusionist Maxwell Blade organizes an annual Festival Of Magic. Besides live shows, there are several lectures, workshops, masterclasses and such by renowned master magicians.