Planning your Bacardi NH7 Weekender trip is exciting as much as it is confusing. There are many bands to check out, people to meet and weekender experiences to be a part of.

Here are some common dilemmas dedicated Weekender Warriors have trouble dealing with


1. “Which Weekender do I attend?”

Four editions throughout November means four times the fun, right? Wrong. The unfortunate reality is you have a job that pays way too little and is stingy with its paid leaves, hence forcing you to make the heartbreaking choice between Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune. What makes it harder? The difference in line-ups. So if you’re a Vaccines and Mutemath fan, it sucks to be you (this year).

2. Line-up clashes are like letters from hell

“Yaar, it’s a music festival. There are bound to be line-up clashes,” is something you’ll often here from your disinterested buddy who doesn’t grasp the fact that watching Amit Trivedi as well as Peking Duk were high on your priority list. How do you even make that choice? Maddening!

3. “What do I tell my boss, man?”

Here’s a dilemma most Pune weekender veterans can attest to. A crucial part of the planning process is coming up with a good enough and believable excuse for why you’re missing work that Friday.  The ‘I-have-the-flu’ excuse simply won’t cut it, especially when every single one of your colleagues will be counting on that excuse to give, too!


4. “But wait, what do I wear?”

It takes times and effort to look your Weekender best okay? Even getting that ragamuffin-hippie look right is nerve-racking. Plus, there’s always that choice to make – to channel your favourite rock goddess or perfect the pretentious hipster look? Decisions, decisions.

Bacardi fashion

5. To prop or not to prop?

Just raiding your local party-shop won’t do; your Weekender props have to exceed all levels of expectation. Remember: horse heads, animal placards and feather boas are pretty passé.

6. The Weekender bucket challenge

Weekender buckets come in different delicious flavours and alcohols, making it almost too difficult to choose. Now that’s a challenge worth getting fussed about, no?


7. When you’re at Weekender, you realise you may just have too many friends

….and that may not be a good thing.

Why you ask? Try finding a group of people who unanimously agree on your itemised line-up schedule. Everyone has their own and (just like you) will refuse to relent. At some point, you will lose all the people you’ve come with and end up with an entirely new bunch of people. A gift and a curse, rolled into one?