Love baking? If yes is your answer, you cannot give these festivals a miss!

Some of them are small-scale, some large-scale, but the vibe remains the same. They’re all conceptualized by people who share the same love for baking as you and everyone else. The Sherp has listed 7 cake festivals from all over the world that you need to know about:

1. Chimney Cake Festival, Budapest



The Chimney Cake Festival is relatively new, but it has a lot going for it. The entire festival is based on the charcoal-baked sekler cake, a delicacy in Hungary. There are all kinds of chimney cakes available at this festival, along with arts and crafts, programs for children, demonstrations by bakers and live music. It’s slated to happen sometime in October.

2. Mooncake Festival, Asia



The Mooncake Festival isn’t a standalone property; it’s a sacred day celebrated by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people, and is popularly known as the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival is renowned for moon watching, and the mooncake is a very popular delicacy served during the time, which explains the name. A normal mooncake consists of a thin pastry skin and a sweet, dense filling, and contains one or more egg yolks (usually from ducks) in their center as the symbol of the full moon.

3. Cakefest, Edinburgh



Edinburgh’s own cake festival is a free-entry event, complete with a food producers’ market, street food sampling, workshops for children, live music and free cake (!!!) after 5pm. It’s a single day event and happens at the Royal Botanical Garden.

4. Cake Fest, Louisiana


(Courtesy: Cake Fest / Facebook)

Before the main festival starts, there are a few days reserved for some exciting cake making workshops at Louisiana’s Cake Fest. Their cake categories include a “Freak Show” category where the festival requests bakers to go wild with their creation, as long as their cake meets the minimum requirement of a hundred servings. Cake Fest Louisiana happens in the month of April.

5. The Cake Festival, Nairobi



The first-ever cake festival in Africa now has more than 75 bakers from across the continent facing off in a baking contest every year. The Cake Festival has been around since 2009, and it gets bigger every year. It has also collaborated with Edumed, an organization that grants secondary school scholarships to bright needy students.There’s plenty of opportunity to sample various types of cake, and you can also win a cake by participating in a cake raffle.

6. King Cake Festival, New Orleans



The King Cake Festival in New Orleans is a free event held in Champion Square where bakeries and vendors come together to participate in the festival to help raise money for babies and children at Ochsner Medical Centre. Apart from loads of cake, it also has a Stroller Fun Run and a Fitness Challenge to put your calorie-burning skills to the test. There are prizes at the end, of course!

7. Swiss Cake Festival


(Courtesy: Swiss Cake Festival / Facebook)

The Swiss Cake Festival is the largest Swiss fair for baking and cake design enthusiasts and it happens by the end of October. The festival has competitions, workshops, demos and different types of cake and baked products.

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