From comebacks to new styles, this week’s playlist has it all!

What’s awesome about the new music releasing is that the range of genres being explored is so vast that there’s something for everyone! This time, the Sherp brings you new songs from the iconic stars of the past decade as well as the newest stars on the block.

Be it your favourite electronic DJs, biggest pop sensations or biggest jazz and rap influences, this week’s playlist features special comebacks from the 90’s, early 2000’s as well as upcoming talent. Check out our exclusive playlist below. Trust us, these songs will give your week a super boost. What else can one expect from the likes of Billy Joel, Jamiroquai and so on…

10.So Good- Zara Larson Featuring Ty Dolla $ign

After winning Talang, Sweden’s version of Got Talent, at just 10 years old, Zara Larson’s career has taken off to new levels. Her debut album scored big with her single, “Uncover” topping the charts in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The song was even certified platinum, by Universal Music Sweden, just a month later! Now, many successes later, this 19-year old singer has just released a new song. Titled,” So Good”, the song features Ty Dolla $ign and was co-written by none other than Charlie Puth! Guess there’s no shortage of young talent, this year, is there?

9.Scared To Be Lonely- Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa

He’s just 20 years old, yet he’s reaching heights we could only dream of. Dutch DJ, Martin Garrix, broke into the scene just 5 years ago but he’s already making head waves. Be it his 2013 hit, ‘Animals’ which served as a tone setter for the current EDM scenario or the evolution of his sound in recent times, the young DJ has certainly grown and come a long way in this short time. His latest release, “Scared To Be Lonely” deviated from Garrix’s well known electro house style, layered with inducing beats, soothing synths, and rejuvenating transitions and is a more powerful future bass track instead. Featuring English singer-songwriter, Dua Lipa, the song is guided by thick yet replenishing strings that blend well with Dua Lipa’s distinctively striking voice.

8.I’m Better- Missy Elliot Feat Lamb

That’s what we call a comeback! After almost 10 years since her last studio album, Iconic American rapper. Missy Elliot, just dropped a new single. Titled, “I’m Better”, the song features English electronic music duo, Lamb and comes with a video featuring quite a few back up dancers breaking their moves down in the pool, warehouses and other places. If that wasn’t enough, the ‘Get Your Freak On’ hitmaker also announced the release of her very own documentary.

7.Run Up- Major Lazer Feat PartyNextDoor and Nick Minaj

Major Lazer doesn’t seem to want to take a break, and we’re oh-so glad. In their new song, rap music and hip-hop come together for an epic combo! Featuring not one but two rap sensations, namely, Nicki Minaj and PartyNextDoor, the song gets the best out of both worlds! With a suave blend of Caribbean groove along with distorted guitar chords and high-pitch vocals, the song, titled “Run Up”, showcases the contradictory styles of both Minaj and PartyNextDoor along with the powerful beats of Major Lazer.

6.Love Me Better- James Blunt

Look who’s back! Britain’s very own Twitter all-star is giving the fans and haters alike something to talk about. Pop artist and anti-sweetheart James Blunt will be releasing a new album, titled “Afterlove”, in March. As a teaser, the artist released a new song, ‘Love Me Better’, giving listeners a sneak peak into what’s to come. Known for his wit and sheer sarcasm when dealing with his haters, the singer recently made  a joke about the release of his new album on Twitter. He tweeted, “If you thought 2016 was bad, I’m releasing an album in 2017”. Haters gonna hate, clearly James Blunt got it all under control…

5.Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits Vol (Vinyl)- Billy Joel

 All-time great, Billy Joel, has just released a vinyl edition of his greatest hits album and we already know it’s gonna sell out in no time. The ‘Pianoman’ hitmaker became the sixth bestselling recording artist and the third bestselling solo artist way back in 1973 and has never looked back ever since. In fact, his original Greatest Hits volume one and two, is one of the bestselling albums in the US. Although, the album was released years ago, the vinyl edition was recently released. Check it out here.                                                                   

4.Trouble- R3hab Feat Verite

Dutch talent has ample representation, thanks to artists like these. Dutch DJ, R3hab, has surprised his fans by approaching a more softer side in his new song, ‘Trouble’. Catering to the teenage obsession, the song which features Brooklyn singer-songwriter, Verite, is a future bass ballad with a pop-ready edge that has worked wonders for top groups like The Chainsmokers.

3 . Quit You- Lost Kings Feat Tinashe

Going back to the 80’s! Tinashe takes us back three decades with the collaborative dancehall ‘Quit You’. The song, which is the latest release of fondling music group, Lost Kings, features vintage drum and sythesizer sounds along with the sheer power of Tinashe’s vocal harmonies. With a modern feel, the song showcases a balanced approach between the then and now of pop. Guess this young star is going places!

2. Cold Hard Truth- Nelly Furtado

What a comeback! As one of the biggest comebacks of the week, pop icon and sweetheart of the 90’s, Nelly Furtado, is back with a new song! Nearly five years since her last EP, “The Spirit Indestructible”, the Grammy award-winning songwriter is teasing fans by releasing her second single form her highly anticipated new album. The album is set to release on March 31st. This single, titled, “Cold Hard Truth” is a funky, upbeat track with a complete foot-tapping vibe. Not to mention, the cowbell and wobby synths add a unique element to the tune.

Speaking about her new album, Furtado said, “That’s why I’m calling the album The Ride… [life] is high, it is low, it is ugly sometimes. It is beautiful sometimes, it is heartbreaking sometimes. It is joyous and thrilling sometimes,” she said during a preview of the 12-track set, which was recorded in Dallas and Toronto. “But, if you could stay like yourself, then you’ll be able to get on those rides and you’ll be okay.

Automation- Jamiroquai

The comebacks just keep on coming! After nearly seven years, British funk and acid jazz group, Jamiroquai, are coming out with a new album and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Building anticipation to the album, which is set to release in March, the band have released a brand new single.

Speaking about the new record, Jamiroquai frontman, Jay Kay said, “The inspiration for ‘Automaton’ is in recognition of the rise of artificial intelligence and technology in our world today and how we as humans are beginning to forget the more pleasant, simple and eloquent things in life and in our environment including our relationship with one another as human beings,”