Ill ravers required immediate medical attention after clearly overdosing on alcohol & substances.

NOTE : Remember our Dance More, Drink Slow article.

About 60 teenagers were in need of serious medical attention and seven had to be hospitalized during World No.1 DJ Hardwell’s show at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland this past week.

Attendees not only lined up for days in the rain to purchase tickets but needed immediate ambulance service before even entering the venue.  Odyssey Arena’s general manager told reporters  ”It is our understanding that a number of patrons arriving at the Odyssey Arena to attend a concert by Dutch DJ act ‘Hardwell’ have required medical attention, having arrived intoxicated at the Odyssey ComplexThese patrons were not granted entry to the Odyssey Arena, and were treated by the Ambulance Service outside. Seven patients have now been transferred to hospital by ambulance.

Here’s the official statement made by Odyssey Arena via Facebook :


odyssey arena statement


This is not the way to go guys. The Sherp resents.