We look at some of the best porta potties that graced music festivals around the world!

One of the most dangerous endeavors you can think of taking up at a music festival is when you ultimately have to sum up the courage to go use the loo. In the case of music festivals, calling them a loo would be an understatement. Instead, going with something like “The death of nostril hairs” would be a little more apt. Every music festival sees over thousands of people for their event. It goes without saying that the alcohol and beverages are always flowing like rivers and at some point your bladder is going to need some form of respite. That is when  you’ll probably regret downing 5 pints of beer!

But, although complaints about the restroom situation at a music festival are always on the rise and they never stop, we take a look at some of the better situations festivals around the world have seen. Turns out, not all porta potty experiences have to be puke-inducing!

1. Austin City Limits- The Golden Throne

Austin City Limits totally won over the people of the festival when they introduced this regal Golden Throne porta potty. The loo from the outside itself looks like a total privilege! Only 10 lucky winners of a contest were awarded with a golden ticket which allowed them to make full use of this service. The porta potty comes fully equipped with an Air Conditioner, A TV which live streams the events so you don’t miss out, Wi-fi, a phone for taking selfies and several scented amenities to keep it fresh. Whoa! That is some list!

2. Glastonbury: Loo With A View

This one was a little uncomfortable, but still a message driven concept! The washroom, once you were inside, would make you feel as if everyone was looking at you doing your business! Freaky right? But the glass was actually a two way mirror. To the people outside, it was just a mirror that they were checking themselves out in! An initiative by Water Aid, they wanted to promote the lack of sanitary options in third world countries, because of which there is absolutely no privacy whatsoever when relieving yourself. A message driven campaign induced with just the right amount of fun!

3. Sasquatch: “Thunder Closet” Safety With Nick Offerman

In 2013, Nick Offerman, in his true signature style, took over responsibility for introducing attendees to the porta potty at the festival or as he calls in “The Thunder Closet“. In his famous sarcastic tone, he goes on to explain the really drab and simple features of the porta potty as if they were extremely exclusive and claims it to be a symbol of American craftsmanship. He also advises the youngsters on how not to “Make Love” and pee correctly! Classic Nick Offerman!

4. Burning Man: The Red Carpet Treatment

The Burning Man at Black Rock City sees some of the best pranksters gather together for some seemingly harmless but fun pranks every year. One of the traditional pranks over the years has been carried out by the Black Rock City Animal Control. Every year, they provide a washroom user with an unforgettable experience. Once the person goes in the loo, they quickly lay out a red carpet, get fake photographers all around and an audience to cheer them when they come out. Once they’re out, Queen’s “We Are The Champions” starts blaring on the speakers. Wow! Hats off for the efforts!

5. Governor’s Ball: “The Magical” Porta Potty Prank

Improv Everywhere geniuses, who have been responsible for some of the historical gags involving thousands of people, took to the Governors Ball in 2013 and 2014 to give festival-goers a unique experience! The people who were thinking of going to a particular stall were suddenly surprised with a bombardment of performers. Based on your timing, you could be treated to a short performance by a Spanish Mariachi Band, a church choir, a marching band and even a Bollywood dance troupe! So much for variety!

6. Roskilde Festival; Urinals For Women

Over the past few years, festival organisers have started seeing the importance of creating specific zones that are safe for women and “women only”. In 2011, Roskilde festival got in touch with Pollee to make nature’s call a tad bit easier for women. They ended up building a customised frontward facing urinal for women, which would allow them to take a quick squat if needed and made the process much more easier! The initiative and the product received great reviews from the women who were absolutely delighted about the fact that something so small had been taken into consideration.

So turns out, Porta Potty stories don’t always have to end in horror and disgust! There are some really good ones out there too!