From an incredible and carefully curated line-up of exotic party music to energetic yoga sessions, Eden ArtFest will be Mumbai’s answer to an immersive music and art experience. The Sherp tells you why.


1. The music, (for the lack of a better term) will be as ‘eclectic’ as ever.

Eden ArtFest will pair incredible local dance music talent with established and rising stars from abroad, courtesy Bhavishyavani Future Soundz and Magnanimous. This year’s musical lineup at Eden will see a diverse mix of bands, producers, DJs and performers across genres at this veritable oasis of music in the middle of noisy, urban Mumbai. Headlined by the likes of Aquarius Heaven, Quenum, Maayan Nidam and dOP the roster also includes local talent like electro-rock fetishists Madboy/Mink, Frame/Frame featuring alongside bass music DJ Ez Riser, dance music producer Aqua Dominatrix, Pune-based Big City Harmonics and longtime music educator and vinyl-selector DJ Uri. The festival will also see the inimitable house and techno artist for Tel Aviv and Berlin Maayan Nidam, New Delhi producer Gaurav Malaker aka BLOT!, and even a collaborative performance between M.MAT and avant-garde dance music producer Sandunes.

Eden with Quenum-01 (1)

Aquarius Heaven 

As an ex reggae, dance-hall and hip-hop performer Brian Brewster a.k.a Aquarius Heaven is no stranger to the music industry. His take on electronic music is down-tempo techno beats influenced by his Caribbean roots, but still manages to retain it’s sexy, bass-y and hypnotic vibe. Even though his career in dance music is relatively new, he has managed to create waves in the scene in four short years, thus making him a perfect headliner for an urban festival like Eden Artfest.


Ever since 2006, the infamous French men of dOP have been setting fire to dancefloors all across Europe, particularly because of their distinctive and unique version of electronic music. Apart from snagging a steady spot on Resident Advisors Top Live Acts for the past few years, the talented trio continue to belt out singles and EP releases through various labels including their own, Circus Company. Their style is reminiscent of Nicolas Sfintescu’s ideals of making organic dance music, with real instruments and voices. By experimenting with genres like hip-hop, rock and house and by using actual instruments for percussion and bass, dOP have managed to garner quite the fanatical following all across Europe.

Mayaan Nidam

Originally from Tel Aviv and currently living in Berlin, Mayaan Nidam’s productions of house, techno and electronic music challenge boundaries and evolve both in her studio and on stage. As a revered producer and DJ in the tech-house scene, her music is often defined as music with deep sounds, steady beats and obscure interludes that make way for great moments on the dancefloor.


DJ and producer Philippe Quenum has had a long-standing relationship house music and a discography that can outlast decades. He’s worked professionally as a DJ since the early 80’s and has owned two significant recording labels, Cadenza with Luciano and Num records in Geneva.

When it comes to his music, Quenum has a very experimental outlook to his version of techno or house. Whether it’s tribal -inspired or flawlessly mixed, his live set are just spectacular. Don’t believe us? Check out some of his music below :

2. Expect futuristic, sparse and unique art and decor.

The vibe and feel of Eden ArtFest will reflect in the way its venue will be decorated and designed. Tote On The Turf will transform into a neatly designed space with enough room to move around in and strategically placed and unique installations. The aim of the festival is to move away from the curse of mundane and conformity. Understandably the organisers are eager to keep the theme and specific artwork of the event a secret, so attendees can be truly amazed by what they see that weekend. Imagine being part of something transformational and extraordinary while still existing in an urban city like Mumbai; that is what Eden ArtFest hopes to incite in you. To give you a faint idea, here’s what last year’s festival looked like :

3.  More than just the music.

This urban music festival will also include a wonderfully designed ‘flea market’ termed EDEN Village selling kitschy and hand-crafted clothes, jewellery and other little knick-knacks from over 40 brands. Be it Simply Simone’s surreal and imaginative garments, Saanya N’s feminist fashion, Tatchi’s hand-crafted goods or Wandering Whites’ unique and stone-based jewellery there will be tons of whimsical, inspired and vibrant fashion to choose and pick from.


4. ‘Raw Rise & Shine’

Raw Rise & Shine will start your day off unlike anything else. Expect morning detox + yoga + dance sessions as a quick ‘pick-me-up’ for the day ahead. Starting as early at 6 am, Eden’s resident ‘yoginis’ Sunaina Reke, Anushka and Lamya will be conducting the affair, which will include all the best things about a night out without those god-awful hangovers. Cold-pressed juices and aerial yoga will accompany great soul music, before an energetic ‘dance off’. Think of it as an alcohol-free workout/rave that will begin your day way better than your morning coffee.


5. What’s on the menu?

Tote On The Turf will be serving up some great snacks and delicious food for you to munch on. In addition to that, a couple of other food stalls like Vegan Bites will be present to serve you some healthy Indian and continental snacks as well as juices and ice-creams put together by a team of health-expert chefs and doctors.


6. Come as yourself. It’s mandatory!

Everything about the Eden ArtFest screams non-conformity and liberation, so as how cliché this may sound, come as yourself and in whatever way or dress you feel like. Even if you feel at peace in a loincloth or a pair of care-bear pajamas, feel free to turn up in them for two nights of non-stop dancing. This can be your escape from the daily grind and hectic schedules of a city like Mumbai.

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