Further Future, a festival that’s only one edition old, has already managed to stand out from the rest of the crop. It’s not a Tomorrowland or an Electric Forest; this desert festival stands for much more than just alternative electronic music.

It’s an annual gathering of like-minded individuals who gather and share ideas and knowledge on everything related to science, art, music and technology. The music is only a part of it; festival attendees can attend talks by successful personalities who’ve redefined technology, and also witness demos of some really cool technological stuff. All this happens in a desert, which makes sense, because Further Future’s curators are the same people who host the massive Robot Heart camp at Burning Man.

The Sherp has listed 6 characteristics that truly make Further Future one-of-a-kind:

1. Vibe


(Courtesy: THUMP)

Its one-off vibe is sure to find many, many takers who are tired of the festival culture that has set in thanks to the advent of mammoth fests like Tomorrowland and Ultra. If you want to drift away from the mainstream and feel that a festival should be way more than goofy props and saturated EDM, Further Future is for you.

2. Tech

Rest assured, there’s going to be a lot of technology, both on display and in discussion. There’ll be VR, AI and consciousness showcases, and for the 2016 edition, a 3D audio space called ENVELOP is coming. Apart from that, a self-awareness enhancer and an interactive biometric experience are on their way too, which should make things very interesting!

3. Talks


(Courtesy: theconfluencegroup.com)

Like last year, technological and educational pioneers are going to impart their gyaan, and it’s not to be missed. Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt is coming. If that isn’t big enough. MTV’s founder Bob Pittman and Facebook Messenger’s head Stan Chudnovsky are coming too. There are a host of other equally-talented speakers lined up for Further Future, to talk about everything intellectual and thought-provoking under the Sun. (both literally and metaphorically)

4. Food


(Courtesy: traditional-italian-peranakan-food.blogspot.com)

There’s an extremely elaborate menu that’s already on the website, and some of the world’s best chefs will be cooking all kinds of premium dishes, some open for all 24 hours! There’ll be gourmet offerings, wine tastings, mass feasts and a lot more.

5. Lineup


(Courtesy: Further Future)

The lineup for Further Future is as eclectic as it can get. Alternative electronic artists adorn the well-curated lineup, with names like Caribou, Four Tet, HVOB, Nicholas Jaar, &ME and Dixon among several other talented acts. It reminds you of something like Shambhala: carefully curated lineups with nothing but good music oozing out of the speakers. HVOB has cooked a mesmerizing mix for the festival, and you can listen to it right here!

6. Location

further-futures-deserted-debut-proves-you-cant-buy-instant-vibes-body-image-1430767414 (1)

Situated on the Moapa Indian Reservation, a former floodplain, it is 50 miles away from Las Vegas, away from the city limits. It has a very Burning Man kind of vibe, but then again, these are the guys behind Robot Heart. There will be a shuttle service to and from the airport.

The second edition of this off-beat festival promises to be bigger and better this year, and Further Future is well on its way to doing so!