There’s a reason why Tomorrowland is the dominant name in the festival industry. If you’re selling more than 100,000 passes to a global audience and have the entire country promoting the event, you’re definitely doing something right. The 11th edition of Tomorrowland came to a close last night, and this picture diary should sufficiently explain why this gargantuan festival is the nucleus of the cell powering Belgium to the top of a traveller’s bucket list.  


frame people


1. Festivities began on the airline to Belgium itself. Courtesy: Global Journey

global journey global journey2


2. The campsite, Dreamville, had its own opening party with this stage and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. No biggie, eh? 

stage design opening party1

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3. The celebration wasn’t restricted to Boom. Tomorrowland took over the streets of Belgium. 

city3 city2 city1


4. Even the trees at Tomorrowland were assigned the task of spreading love.


group hug


5. The joy of being the first entrant at Tomorrowland..

home run


6. First things first: must tank up on some Belgian ale. 

beer belgian1 beer belgian


7. Tomorrowland’s dance patrol officers made sure everyone were on their feet.



8. This 7-year old mesmerized a crowd of 70,000 at the main stage with an unerring violin performance. 

7 year old



9. There was no shortage of gorgeous shoulder surfers from all around the world. 

swedish south east asia

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10. And everyone was given a helping hand..



11. The Tomorrowland courtyard was laid out with such perfection. 

pond2 pond

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12. Pop quiz time: ‘Where is Tomorrowland held?’ Hint: It’s a trick question. 



13. The many faces of the center of the Kingdom Of Melodia.

fire2 fire

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14. Special booths for your special moments.

kidding booth


15. Typos aren’t a big deal at Tomorrowland.




16. The Swiss are pretty clear about their Tomorrowland mindset. Or just too drunk. 

how about that


17. Even the seasoned outfits make sure they don’t miss out on Tomorrowland each year.

seasoned outfits


18. Each and every stage designed with excellent detailing and precision. Laidbake Luke’s Super You & Me leading the way. 

luke you and me2




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19. The abundance of vibrant colors took us on a psychedelic adventure.



20. The weather shined upon Belgium too.


(All Images Courtesy: Tomorrowland Facebook)