You don’t need substance to have the time of your life. 

Music festivals are potboilers of intoxicated individuals. That’s part of the reason why we love them. They give an illusion of a carefree environment where you can let loose. But there are ways to have an extremely trippy and profound experience without succumbing to substance, which has become a considerable part of achieving a fulfilling festival experience.

Here are a couple of things that might help you make the best of a festival without any intoxicants.


1. Loosen Up


Before you go looking for a life-changing– as well as sober– experience, know that you need to let yourself be relaxed, susceptible and willing to embrace the unexpected. In other words, go with the flow. Do not plan or schedule anything and above all, do not stress. Walk where your feet carry you and drop inhibitions. One of the reasons being intoxicated is fun is because it makes you spontaneous. Sooth your mind into being your most spontaneous self.


2. Make Some Friends


Whether you’re going alone or with an entourage, explore the festival arena and don’t hesitate to meet and talk to strangers. (Note: Keep your safety in mind when you do this.) If the group you’re with is hell-bent on getting hammered, find other sober festival-goers like yourself. Meet cutes at festivals make for great stories.


3. Embrace The Music


Music is the best intoxicant. If you find yourself not feeling too trippy, lose yourself in the music. One of the most profound sensations, listening to good music triggers the same reaction in the “pleasure center” of our brain as eating a good meal or having sex. Even if you don’t know the artist, wander to the stage that you’re drawn to the most and enjoy the music.


4. Meditate


When we say meditate, we don’t only mean the act of sitting cross-legged in the midst of chaos, even though you could definitely try that as well. Many festivals (Lightning In A Bottle, Bhakti Festival) offer yoga and meditation camps for attendees where you can peacefully transcend to a state of bliss. Dancing is another good way of meditating. If you can let your body flow with the music, you’ve covered most of your ground right there.


5. Lucid Dream


If you can master the art of lucid dreaming, you probably will never want to depend on intoxicants, ever. Find a spot in grass or in your tent to meditate and lead yourself to a state of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are said to be extremely profound and otherworldly experiences. There are several transformational festivals that could help you achieve this experience, since they’re all about immersive activities.


(All Images Courtesy: Electric Forest Facebook)