As the IPL season is here, the betting strategy needs to be pumped up again. Every season hosts some new cricketers that make the tournament almost anything but predictable. With sky-high sixes and jaw-dropping catches, IPL brought a unique cricket experience for the viewers. But people who like to enjoy and earn money at the same time can sign up on the legalized online betting platforms like Parimatch and get wealthy simultaneously.

Here are five tips that can help you score a good amount in this IPL fever.

Evaluate the game format 

Understanding the game format is crucial for a successful bet. Every format is different, and knowing the loopholes and attributes will help you make the right decision. T20 is considered the shortest and most exciting format of the game. With few deliveries, massive hits are the only way out to score and twist the game.  Complex boundary catches to constant stumping; this game format is uncertain and needs good assessment.

Using the same test match tactic won’t probably work, as certain players use different playing strategies for different formats. So, if you are placing a bet referring to test matches, then there are fewer chances of you to win. Consider a thorough evaluation of the T20 format to place a winning IPL bet.

Go for value ipl bet

Looking for value in your bet is the basic rule of betting. It ranks high in every betting strategy, including IPL. It is important to calculate that the risk of your bet does not exceed the reward amount. It is all about weighing the probability of the win and what amount you will receive as your reward.

For example, if you are betting on a player placing 5k and the reward is 50k for five winners or 1 lakh for one. It is better to choose the former one as the probability of winning is five, whereas the probability goes down to one in the latter one. Placing a value bet will better your chances to win as it will involve fewer risk factors and profit you.

See the pitch report before tossing the coin

This might sound trivial, but coin toss is an integral part of any cricket match. It decides which team is going first for batting or bowling. We all know some teams are good to chase, and some are great for setting the winning score. So, it’s pretty apparent, chances of your betting IPL win also depend on this.

Another vital factor is the current evaluation of pitch. The pitches around the globe are different, and some are dry, others retain water. Damp pitches are great for bowling, but it does not bounce there. However, the issue with batting on moist soil is a lateral swing in the air, and after landing on the pitch, sometimes the ball gets stuck on the ground. So, keep these things in mind before placing the bet.

Analyze every cricketer’s form

The form of any cricketer or team will often benefit you while placing a bet. It is considered as an essential tool in IPL betting.  For example, if RCB has lost five consecutive matches while their rival team has won their last five matches, you should probably back the latter one to secure a win.

Not every time this works, so look for individual form. Place a bet on players that have a high strike rate and have scored well in previous matches. Look onto their current form and see how many off boundaries can help you win.

Always check the weather report

Many sports can go ahead as per schedule despite the bad weather. But in cricket, even a heavy drizzle can dampen the pitch and cause a detested halt. For example, if Chennai super kings are heavily dominating a rival team, you will consider your betting team to win. But suddenly, during the second innings, the match got suspended due to bad weather. This will lead to a draw, and there will be no winner at the end. For all cricket betting, this can be a hazard and will lead you to a nonprofit session.

So always go with the weather report, check in advance and plan whether to reach for the bet or not. In most online betting sites, if you have supported a postponed match with a single bet, the amount will be refunded. Even when the bet is double and both the matches are postponed, the amount will be credited to your account.


Betting in IPL and winning needs some warm-up sessions beforehand. You cannot just get your money stacked and know nothing about it and still win the amount. This doesn’t happen in the real world, and to escape the consequences of unreasonable betting, do your research.