The iHeart Music Festival wrapped up last weekend amid much pomp and show. Besides delivering some spectacular performances, the Las Vegas gala also reaffirmed a few tenets that are part and parcel of a successful music festival. Read on:


1.  Booty shakes will never go out of fashion

The music festival got a high dose of bum show as Nicki Minaj gyrated her famously bountiful derrière. 

Nicki Minaj

Not one to be left behind, Iggy Azalea, too, showed that she’s no rookie on the block.

iggy she designed own outfit 
Iggy Azalea


2. The more stunt-ish the performance, the better

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin took a selfie with an audience member’s phone.

coldplay iheart

Usher set his dancing shoes on fire!



3. Burlesque is the way to go!

Metal band Motley Crue played his show, which is part of their final tour, amid jaw-dropping skin show

motley 3

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014


4. When in doubt, crop top it out

Crop tops have been the go-to stage costume for female performers for a while now. Almost a three-season old style, we hope performers ditch it already and get more innovative. At the festival, everyone, from Lorde to Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande flaunt midriffs in their respective crop tops.

Taylor Swift


Ariana Grande


5.  Backstage awww moments almost always ensure good publicity

Just one picture of Usher kissing Alicia Keys’ baby bump was enough for the media to talk more about the festival.

usher alicia



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