The California music gathering is nothing short of a painting that has come alive. Come and be part of this wonder

The upcoming edition of the Treasure Island Music Festival promises to be every bit the music treasure you’d like to find at the end of a long, arduous summer. To be held on October 18 and 19 at Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay, California, the eight installment will witness attendees from around the globe. Let’s find out what’s in store.

1. The location

The scenic location score high on the festival metre. Just take a look at these pictures. What’s not to like?

the venue



2. The people and their madness

Going by the craziness that was witnessed in the previous years’ editions, rest assured that this leg will be as insane as you’d like it to be.

diplo 2013Diplo crowdsurfs at the 2013 edition



3. The line-up

This year’s edition is bringing together a diverse mix of musicians, from Outkast and Massive Attack to Janelle Monae to Zedd and Alt-J. Rising stars such as Ratking, Painted Palms and Bleached will also perform.

(Image courtesy: Outkast Facebook)


janelle monaeJanelle Monae
(Image courtesy: Outkast Facebook)

(Image courtesy: Zedd Facebook)

4. The experience

Need we say more?



5. The environmental cause

The festivals stresses on leaving as little carbon footprint as possible. Hence, attendees are advised to not bring their cars to the venue and are encouraged to take the shuttle service from the nearest parking lot.



(All Images Courtesy: Treasure Island Music Festival Facebook)