Here’s your chance to interact with the best creative minds at the Under 25 Summit in Mumbai!

The Under 25 Summit is a festival for enterprising people and individuals looking for guidance, advice and building networks. It’s for all kinds of creators, designers, musicians, food enthusiasts, travellers and many more.

The first edition of the Under 25 Summit happened earlier this year in January in Bengaluru. It was quite a success, with a gorgeous aftermovie to go along with it! Several minds came together to brainstorm on various topics, and there were several workshops too.

It’s finally happening in Mumbai, and here are some points to get you geared up for the same!

1. Largest of its kind in the country

That’s true! The Under 25 Summit is one of a kind, and doesn’t really have a lot of competition around, at least in the country. It’s a hotbed for several opportunities, and the biggest one at this point. It’ll be a shame to miss out on all the activity.

2. The palpable vibe


In the words of Laila Vaziralli of Kitsch Mandi fame, the vibe during Bangalore’s event was “colourful, friendly and very casual”, and you can expect the exact same here in Mumbai. Everyone’s here for one reason and one reason only: to get inspired and do things. This definitely brings about a positive vibe at any event, and you shouldn’t expect anything less here.

3. Exciting networking opportunities

Since there’ll be so many like minded people, you will be able to get talking in no time! We’re dead sure you’ll find some things in common with a lot of people attending the summit, and small talks can get you to unimaginable heights in your career or whatever you do.

4. Super influential speakers

This is the crux of the entire event. From biggies in the event scene like OML’s Vijay Nair and Arjun Ravi, to musicians like Tejas Menon and DIVINE, to YouTube celebrities like Rickshawali, the speaker lineup is as diverse as it gets! All of them are influencers in some or the other way, and it’ll be great to know how they made it so far!

5. Everyone’s under 25!

Isn’t that lucrative enough to get your feet moving towards Antisocial? Everyone there is young and hungry, and so are you. Make new friends, learn new things and have fun with like-minded people and think of fresh ideas to set the ball rolling and the conversation running!

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets here, and get there!

(All images courtesy: Under 25 Summit / Facebook)