I repeat, comfort is key.

With the hottest music festival of the year right around the corner, attendees are ransacking their wardrobe to find the best outfits to match their enthusiasm. But don’t let yourself go overboard and stick to something familiar and, most importantly, comfortable. You’re going to be spending good long hours at the venue, making the most of the music and experiences that have been laid out for you by Vh1 Supersonic. The least you can do is make sure that you are fashionably yet comfortably dressed.

So, instead of making a list of what you can wear, we’re going highlight a few things that you can avoid wearing at the festival from the 9th to the 11th of February 2018.  


Think this is a golden opportunity to strut your favourite pair of heels? Sorry to give you a reality check, but heels are a strict no-no, especially when you have three intense days of music, entertainment, and more curated for you. Not to mention, the chances of your heels getting stuck in the lawn are quite high. Just take our advice and slip into a comfortable pair of tried and tested shoes. You’ll thank us later.

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You need a break after standing for hours at a stretch, watching your numero uno artists set the stage on fire. Understandably, your first reaction is to just plop down on the most comfortable green patch that catches your sight. But that is when you realise that you’re wearing white, and now you have a big brown stain on your butt, and it’s too late to do anything about it! So, simply said, steer clear of the problem begin with.


Butt crack alert! You definitely do not want flash the people sitting behind you. But with those low-waist pants on, you might just traumatise a lot of people with an unnecessary peep show. Not to mention, the music at Vh1 Supersonic will surely have you grooving on the dance floor, and all that dancing is going to make it easier for your pants to slide down. Avoid any trouble and get yourself comfortable attire that is stylish yet festival-friendly.

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ICYMI, you are attending a music festival, not a cocktail party. So trade your formal maxi dresses for a shorter and cuter one that will keep you comfortable under the bright afternoon sun. Plus, the chances of your long gown getting caught under someone’s shoe are quite high. Best to stay clear of any ‘faux pas’ moments and make the most of, what could be, Vh1 Supersonic’s best edition yet.

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Men, we cannot emphasis on how important it is to sport comfortable footwear at the festival. We know your pointy-toe shoes make you look dapper at every social function, but THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL OCCASION. And it’s definitely going to be painful to walk up and down Laxmi Lawns’ 80,000 sq. Ft. of space. Ditch the pointy-toe footwear and stick to a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

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