The Sherp scoured through innumerable nightclubs to list down 5 that you absolutely must explore!

With a new club opening every day in some corner of the world, it is really hard to pick the best ones! This is one list that is inexhaustible and never complete. Here are The Sherp’s pick of the top 5 clubs you must discover:


1. Privilege, Ibiza

Voted ‘world’s largest nightclub’ by Guinness Book of Records with a capacity of 10,000 people, Privilege is located less than a kilometer from Amnesia. In the 1970s, Privilege was originally a restaurant called ‘Ku’. Even after 20 years, Privilege remains a musical benchmark in the global nightlife industry. The club comprises of three main areas – the main room with DJ booth in the middle of a swimming pool, fourteen bars, an enormous dome and outdoor terraces and gardens. Privilege is more than just a dance floor!


2. Bamboo Miami Beach, Miami

The moment you enter this venue, your senses are altered to a style of sophistication and innovation. Blending its superior white-glove service with the latest technological innovations, Bamboo Miami Beach has reinvented nightlife with its novel approach. The lavish décor consists of endless crushed velvet drapery, marble tabletops, plush satin finishes, white crocodile banquets and larger than life statues. A jaw-dropping Swarovski crystal chandelier weighing a massive two tons is suspended 25-feet below the modern skylights and is embellished with hundreds of light bulbs. Looks even more breathtaking than it sounds!


3. Avalon, Singapore

If you’re up for a phenomenal night out – Avalon is your scene! It is one of Hollywood’s hottest spots to arrive in Singapore because the parties are simply out of control here. Located on the iconic Marina Bay Sands, the club looks out towards an enthralling view of the city’s skyline. Apart from state of the art interiors you’ll find full-color lasers and 3D mapping making the venue glitter with crystals and psychedelic light displays. Celebrities who have partied here include Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore to name a few.


4. Adagio, Berlin

A truly unique ambience incorporating the most diverse styles into an assortment of decorative arts, Adagio is located in the very heart of Berlin on Potsdamer Platz. Established in 2001, Adagio is arguably the most attractive venue in the city. With an exclusive location and exceptional interiors, the design is inspired from the legacy of various ages in history. From antique choir stalls, frescoes, murals, ubiquitously painted ceilings to enchanting architectural spectacles like Romanesque window arches and Byzantine painted glass windows – Adagio is the very essence of nightlife, dancing and entertainment.


5. Zouk, Singapore

Inaugurated in 1991, Zouk is one of the oldest nightclubs in Singapore and has pinned the city on the global dance map. It’s the best place to be if you want to dance your way into the night. Within the Zouk complex, there are four distinctly different clubs. The Velvet Underground, which has its own entrance, has its walls adorned in thick velvet and prized art-collections. Phuture has a futuristic design with an impressive LED wall. The Wine Bar’s indoor-outdoor seating is ideal for people to convene, drink and lounge before entering the main Zouk room. The Zouk room extensively uses Moorish tiles, a cutting-edge sound system, sprawling multi-level dance floors and a slew of bars.