If you haven’t explored this genre, now’s the time. 

We all know Japan is in the spotlight as it has a knack of creating some really weird stuff. But today, we talk about the best electronic music that it has given us for listening and dancing to!

Credits: th.japantravel.com

It can be remarkably difficult to find out information about the electronic music coming out of Japan. The majority of house and techno producers here shy away from self-promotion, taking a low-key attitude towards their releases, following the particular trait of Doujin music (the term is used to refer to the highly popular self published music scene).

Arranged, in no particular order, these names will give you one thing that’s consistent, and that is good electronic music. So, put your party hats on and let sway away to these sick beats !

1. 80KIDZ

If you like a lot of big house acts like Daft Punk and Justice, there’s a good chance you’ll love these guys. 80KIDZ is a duo and they make some of the craziest beats you’ll ever get to hear. We highly recommend them. Their first full-length album, This Is My Shit, is for my money, one of the hottest electronic releases ever!

2. Capsule

This Japanese electronic band was formed by the brilliant DJ and music composer Yasutaka Nakata with lead vocalist Toshiko Koshijima, in 1997 when both of them were 17! They have worked together to create music and, since then, have belted out fifteen albums! Not just that, they have evolved from cutesy J-Pop to a strong electro-house group. Their discography is full of variety as a treat to your ears!

3. Alstroemeria Records

You must have heard a lot of fans going gaga over their music. Alstroemeria Records is infectiously famous among the world of doujin music from Touhou Games, a series of very difficult PC shooting games with exceptionally well-composed music. Sounds a bit confusing ? Well, let the music clear all your doubts ! They make Electronic Dance Music, from electro-house to trance to dubstep. You are welcome.

4. Quadrophenia

Our personal favourite in this entire list (listen and know why), Quadrophenia is a group of artists who have something for everyone through their rather experimental but melodic avant-garde music with a rhythmic soft touch of ambient and everything in between. I think we’ve said enough. Just listen!

 5. Clean Tears

Clean Tears is a cool fellow who produces equally cool trance music with a bit of house and dubstep by using Vocaloid, a voice synthesizer highly popular in Japan. If you like any trance producers like Armin van Buuren or Above & Beyond, you’ll love Clean Tears. He also makes Pop music sometimes, just in case you want to add some options to your playlist !

Words fall short to talk about the Japanese EDM scene, and we shall follow with another list if you liked these. Do let us know your favourites and remember, you don’t have to be asked to dance !