We’ve heard of festivals taking things to new heights, but what about new depths? Check out this list of festivals celebrating life in the deep blue.
70% of the earth is covered in water with over 230,000 recorded species calling various water bodies their home. So it only seems natural that we also celebrate marine life in all its beauty and diversity. These festivals aim to improve awareness about the underwater world and its preservation while also helping humans reconnect with the part of the world where all life came from.

1. Underwater Music Festival

Divers and snorkelers can explore the only living coral barrier reef around the United States while rocking to a unique sub-sea concert. The festival encourages coral reef protection and environmentally responsible diving. Now in its 31st year, several hundred divers and snorkelers annually swim among colorful tropical fish and coral formations, while swaying to a sea-themed playlist that typically includes humpback whale songs and melodies like the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” and Jimmy Buffett’s “Fins.”

2. Maldives Underwater Festival

Boasting a gathering of marine experts on a global scale, the festival highlights intense sessions of underwater photography led by award-winning photographers, ground-breaking introductory courses of free-diving and the innovative technique of fluo night-diving. An intense ensemble of water activities stretched over one week of lighter learning for keen divers, photography fanatics and water enthusiastic or just simply curious guests in search of a holiday with a difference.

3. Miami Underwater Festival

Held in Miami, the festival is an attempt to educate the public about the wonders of ocean life through scientific learning made fun. The festival hosts underwater photography workshops and exhibitions, fish and plant dissections, informational talks about coral reefs, the ecology and conservation of sharks etc.

4. Seychelles Ocean Festival

The Seychelles Ocean Festival comprises various academic activities such as the screening of prominent international films, presentations by visiting speakers, school visits, photographic exhibitions, a competition to select the best underwater photograph, special activities undertaken by the various NGOs and dedicated festival events in various hotels during the SOF week. Apart from the official side of the event it also hosts a Family Fun Day including a triathlon event, live music and a bazaar-type atmosphere.

5. Underwater Festival – The Australasia Challenge

Held annually, The Australasia Challenge incorporates an Australasia-wide simultaneous photo and video shootout competition like no other with close to U$100,000 in prizes. Hundreds of divers take part in this huge event, not unlike an underwater ‘Earth Hour.’ This helps highlight not only underwater beauty but also issues of the fantastic bio-region and shows the world what we’ve got to lose.