With a successful edition of Lightning In A Bottle this year, Do LaB isn’t done yet. Their annual weekend extravaganza, Woogie Weekend, is coming closer and closer.

For the second year in a row, Woogie Weekend descends upon Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA for another three days of the best house and techno music. This year’s edition boasts a lineup of world-renowned DJs and live acts and also promises a “wet ‘n’ wild playground” with an interactive and dynamic venue that will keep festival goers busy and cool throughout the weekend.


Woogie_Weekend_2015_Daniel_Zetterstrom - 26

(Courtesy: fest300.com)

The Woogie started and remains a beloved stage at Lightning in a Bottle and its festival only defines the welcoming and energetic vibes found there. With two unique stages and the intimate backdrop of Oak Canyon Park, Woogie Weekend is creating a new tradition of premium electronic music with a lively, amicable atmosphere perfect for summertime.

Concentrating mostly on house and techno, Woogie Weekend strives to create a communal sonic atmosphere with locally curated after hours stages to keep the party going well into the night. Check out 5 artists from the lineup that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Damian Lazarus



The Crosstown Rebels boss is no stranger to great parties as his Get Lost soirees are considered some of the world’s best. As a DJ, his sets are as eclectic as they come ranging from atmospheric techno to hard-hitting house beats. With his common use of middle-eastern rhythms and tribal sounds, Damian’s sets can transport you to time long forgotten in a place far, far away.

2. Rodriguez Jr.



(Courtesy: www.rodriguezjr.net)

Hailing from the picturesque region of southern France, Rodriguez Jr. is an electronic music improvisational virtuoso. Utilizing various synthesizers, drum sequencers, and Ableton Live, he performs his original, upbeat productions creating an energy that captivates his audience to the point of no return.

3. Oliver Huntemann



(Courtesy: www.divisionagency.com.au)

Characterized by his meticulously structured productions, this German-bred techno producer has been involved with electronic music since the early nineties and has roots in both trance and break beats. His projects with labels Ideal Audio and Confused Recordings have gained Oliver deserved notoriety which led to a collaboration with minimal veteran Dubfire. With a DJ career spanning more than two decades, Oliver is a consummate professional behind the decks.

4. Mark Farina



(Courtesy: www.residentadvisor.net)

As one of America’s legendary house DJs, Mark Farina is seen as a leader in preserving classic house records and introducing dance music’s new generation to its roots of Chicago mixed with San Francisco flair. His deep and funky style is perfect for a sunny summer day and matches perfectly with Woogie’s up-tempo sensibility.

5. Jon Hopkins



(Courtesy: www.geofffitzgerald.com)

Known for his emotional, expansive original productions, Jon Hopkins is heralded as a powerhouse in the studio. In addition to original work, he hasmark  scored several films and was been nominated in 2011 for an Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Score. While his compositions are examples of discipline, his epic music translates to a hypnotizing live act with synchronized visuals that evoke a myriad of emotions.

If you want to know more this immersive summertime celebration, visit WoogieWeekend to purchase your tickets and check out the full lineup below.