The funk rockers are back. 

After a total of five long years, Red Hot Chilli Peppers just announced that they are going to be releasing a new album, making us all collective lose our minds. Releasing on June 17, the much-anticipated album is called The Getaway.

What we have all loved about RHCP is their unique sound and performance style, so without much further ado let us all take a path down memory lane. Here are the best festival performances by one of the most genre-defining bands of all times.

Live at Woodstock 1999

The funk rockers performed at one of the biggest stages in front of an over enthusiastic crowd desperate to recreate the Woodstock experience. And oh, what a show it was. The highlight of the show has GOT to be the time that they performed Californication.

Also, butt naked Flea is still awesome Flea.

Live at Fuji Rock, 2006

Their performance at the Fuji Rock festival will probably be one of their best performances ever. Particularly due to the ethereal guitar lord known as John Frusciante. We somehow lucked out and found the amazing solos from the the Chilli Peppers’ performance at Fuji Rock festival in 2006. The combination of Flea and Frusciante on stage is almost too brilliant to handle.

Rock am Ring, 2004


Some more evidence that the band was at its absolute best with Frusciante.  All you need to do is listen to this insane rendition of Can’t Stop at the Rock am Ring Festival in Japan to know what we are talking about.

Live at Reeding, 1994

Even though Frusciante was one of the greatest things about the band, he was hardly happy. This performance is supposed to be the last performance when the entire band performed together. Though he would later rejoin the band, the Reeding festival performance remains iconic as it signalled the end of an era. Frusciante complained of lack of attention from other members and too much media exposure as the reasons for his leave. No matter what the circumstances, this remains one of the greatest performances by the band.

Live at Pinkpop, 1990.

Next time, we are taking inspiration from Flea’s absolutely on point festival fashion. Come to think of it, he might be giving Anthony tough competition when it comes to on-stage moves.

Live at Green Fest, 2007

One of the most iconic songs in the history of music, was performed in all it’s resplendent glory at the Green Fest. This performance is EXACTLY why Chad Smith is our spirit animal. The beast on the drums managed to more than impress every time, and the insane drum intro is why we ship the Will Ferrell lookalike so much.


Impact Fest, 2012

Impact Festival gave us an impactful RHCP performance for sure. The crowd knew what they came for, and delivered tremendously. Apart from singing the lyrics to every song, and showcasing their utter devotion to the band, they created a vibe any other band or audience would envy.