“Just 2 boyz going 2 Coachella”

YouTube comedians JusReign and Wahlid Mohammed, hit Coachella this year and gave us some comedic gold. Their vine series aptly chronicled the ‘Coachella Experience’ with hilarious skits, their very own Coachella theme song and trippy graphics!

1.  Picking the ‘perf’ outfits for the awesome weekend!


2. Just two boys going to Coachella!

3. Wtf, Coachella!


4. Woohooo so much to do and see at Coachella!


5. Havin’ a blast in the Cali sun

    6.When you bump into A-Trak at Coachella, in the weirdest of places     7. Meeting a world famous rapper at Coachella


8. Doing magic Jellybeans with said rapper


9. When those beans start to hit...