Snow sports + music on an Austrian mountain. What more do you need?

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Snowbombing 2016 just ended and we are completely and totally jealous of everyone who was there. The festival brings together the perfect music festival feel along with the the most breathtaking snow sports. Having completed its seventeenth edition already, here are all the reasons this year was absolutely mad.

The location

Snowbombing takes place on the powdery white mountains of Mayrhofen, Austria. Mayrhofen is known to have some of the best locations for skiing all through Europe. This include snow covered plateaus, fragrant pine forests, a 300 year old traditionally built wooden barn and a nightclub made entirely from snow! If this is not enough to entice you, Mayrhofen boasts of a sturdy 487 km of piste set amongst some of the most scenic areas.

By day, the festival is all about indulging in some of the craziest snowy escapades, the nights are all about turning the heat up. Some of the most dope electronic artists, local and international are brought in for the ‘coolest’ (all puns intended) parties.

Snowbombing 2016 was all about having one of the craziest times ever. The festival saw a primarily European crowd, as Mayrhofen is a very popular destination for snow sports, possibly one of the best in Europe. Thus, this year’s crowd was not much different than that of the previous year. Happy, breezy and youthful are the best words to describe them.

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Though the revellers spent most of the day indulging in the various snow sports and visiting the local breweries, the nights were a completely different story. This is when the festival came alive with the beats of genre-bending artists playing through the nights until early morning. Highlights would have to be Fatboy Slim giving the part new dimensions from his ice console.


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Not to mention the absolutely insane production. This year totally upped the ante with its brilliant lights and phenomenal sound.  Prodigy was a force to reckon with.

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The snow!

Snowbombing’s festival punters take great pride to try out some, (quite frankly) crazy stunts in the biting cold, as is the ritual of the festival.

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