Tame Impala’s performing at some really cool festivals this year, so here is a look back at the 9 most epic performances by them!

After having released their surreal masterpiece, ‘Currents’, last year, Tame Impala has a pretty packed year ahead. With headlining slots at FYF and Bestival lined up for this year and a smashing set at Lollapalooza already we can safely assume that 2016 is their year.

Here is a list of some awesome festival performances that the band has graced us with. (Thank the sweet lord.)

1. Falls Festival, 2010.

Tame Impala’s live performance at Falls festival in 2010 could be regarded as one of their most important performances. The band had just released their debut album and people were totally losing their minds over the beauty of their music. Though having spent much part the year touring as the opening act for MGMT, their individual performance at Falls Festival let the world have a glimpse into the awesomeness the rockers were about to bring to the charts.

2. Glastonbury, 2013.

Yes, this was easily their official arrival in the international music scene. Their reverb drenched tunes took over the grounds and saw one of the biggest turnouts ever witnessed at any of their gigs. And the Australian rockers were more than ready to accept all that attention and enthral every single body there with their music. Give a listen to this sick version of Feels Like We Only Go Backwards and wonder what sonic sorcery this is.

3. Fuji Rock Festival, 2009.

Fuji Rock is one of the most popular festivals in the world and Tame Impala has to be one of the very few bands that gave such a tight performance up on that stage so early in their career. The crowd was left reeling. Though this performance was hardly anything like their performances nowadays, you can catch them at some of their rawest moments and really appreciate the simple genius of their compositions.

Shut off lights. Close eyes. Listen.


4. Sasquatch, 2015.

Performing at the Sasquatch! Mainstage must have been a pretty ordinary thing to do, so they went ahead and made it super hella interesting. Bless these boys. So, here is a tidbit from their phenomenol performance, in the form of the haunting intro preceding one of their most iconic songs, ‘Let it Happen’. Keving Parker and co. do a really great job of keeping things interesting with their otherworldly sounds.

5. Coachella, 2011.

Over the years, Tame Impala has shed many skins to find its true calling in sound. They have changed and merged genres like no one has ever dared to, by mostly leaning towards electronica over the past few years. The Coachella performance was a very clear mark of the perfect balance they achieve when they stay genre fluid. The reverb gods gave an on point and slick performance, that it was one of their most highly attended gigs.

6. Big Day Out, 2014

When Tame Impala plays one of its greatest songs ever live, you know there has to be some magic involved. And magical it was, as artists gave the listeners a glimpse into the heavy trip their live music can induce. And no, not even the ridiculously huge MTV balloons could distract us from the sheer awesomeness of this music. Tame Impala appeared at the Australian/New Zealand Big Day Out festival in early 2010, performing alongside bands such as Muse, The Mars Volta, Kasabian and Rise Against.

7. Reading Festival, 2013.

Elephant has to be one of their most popular songs ever. Used by Entourage in one of its episodes, the song is the symphony of all that the band gets right time and again with their music. A fun and incredibly easy to dance to, Elephant is everybody’s jam. So when Tame Impala gave this absolutely surreal performance at Reading festival in 2013, we were in festival heaven. And so was, very clearly, the crowd who were in perfect sync with every beat and drop.

8. Lollapalooza, 2016

Already one of the best performances of the year, Tame Impala at Lollapalooza were nothing short of perfection. The band’s live performances have evolved a great deal over the years, now including extensive use of light production and advanced sound equipment. So is it any surprise that they are now sounding better than ever? The peppy rendition of ‘Less I Know The Better‘ is everything you need to restore your faith right back in music.

9. Splendour In The Grass, 2015.

One of the biggets highlights of last year for any Tame Impala fan would have to be when the revolutionary album ‘Currents‘ was released. Any tours done by the band later have featured a sizeable chunk of the album being performed live, so when they played one of the album favourites The Moment live, the crowd could not be happier about it. Especially since watching them perform a song is a completely different experience than hearing the recorded version of it. Just as Kevin Parker has repeatedly emphasized, the technology and techniques that they use give them a completely different kind of freedom when performing live. Here, watch sheer brilliance unfold.

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