In the midst of the many international music festivals, these delightful little gems often seem to get overshadowed and obscured. 

With a plethora of international music festivals littering the states all over the world, there are few that provide an immersive experience and amalgamate quality with quantity, and these festivals definitely make the cut. Take a look at The Sherp’s list of some incredible music festivals that deserved to be noticed more often.


1. Live On the Green

When: August (TBA)

Where: Nashville

Live On The Green Music Festival believes in ‘music, for the sake of music.’ Between the slew of American music festivals that strive to make more money with every coming year, we have Live On The Green Festival, Nashville, which sticks out like a wonderfully sore thumb. Known for having extraordinary lineups, this festival is qualitatively the greatest free music experience you will ever have. Yes, you read correctly, it’s free. Last year’s lineup featured Passion Pit, Ben Folds, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Delta Rae, Big Data,and many more. We hope the dates for this year are announced soon!



2. Indietracks

When: July 29-31, 2016

Where: Derbyshire

As the name suggests, the festival gathers some incredibly and criminally underrated independent acts to perform, so in the event you’re out scouting for some impeccable new music to listen to, Indietracks is your place to go. Indietracks meticulously picks up mellifluous independent artists thereby creating a festival that helps people truly maximise their listening base. Allow yourself a good ol’ throwback with Indietracks’ ‘stage’ selections. Forget the world of massive stage sets and over-the-top LED lights, as the Indietracks performances happen at any of the three ‘stages’. These include a train shed, an unused and restored church, and most time, inside the train itself. If that isn’t the most adorable festival fact you’ve read in a while, pray tell us, what is.



(Source: Indietracks Facebook)


3. Labyrinth

When: TBA

Where: Niigata, Japan

When it comes to unique music festivals, you’d be surprised by where they pop up. Take for example, The Labyrinth Festival. Hidden away on a grassy mountainside in Niigata, Japan the event is dedicated to featuring the best and brightest techno and experimental artistes. Organised and run by American national Russ Moench, everything about Labyrinth promises to display perfection and attention to detail. Artistes and live performers are carefully picked out with its sound system (The Funktion-One) being exemplary. For Labyrinth, quality always precedes quantity, as the two-day event features one stage with a flawless line-up that will leave any techno enthusiast floored.

labyrinth cover



4. Calvi On The Rocks

When: July 8-13, 2016

Where: Corsica, France

Calvi on the Rocks is France’s very own summer island festival, aiming to whisk you away for a blissful six-day adventure to the French island of Corsica. This year’s edition just wrapped up with splendour, leaving behind footprints in the sand and some incredible pictures. Calvi on the Rocks “guarantee total immersion in music, a communion with the sea and the stars” according to their website. To go with the transcendent music, the festival organizes fitness programs for the attendees, the ethereal surroundings of the Théâtre de Verdure and of course, Schweppes cocktails and Cuban mojitos for anyone who wants one.


(Source: Pascal Montary Photography and Matthew Oliver via Calvi on the Rocks Facebook)


5. Way Out West

When: August, 2016 (TBA)

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden

Known as the “Swedish Woodstock” this festival is a lot less popular than it should be. This brilliant alternative music festival brings just over 30,000 attendees to the humble surroundings of the Slottskogen (which translates to “castle forest” in Swedish) in Gothenburg every year. Eco-friendly, with a focus on incredible music, this festival has other aspects you must explore – such as their lineup of art and film. This year’s lineup features the likes of Chrvches, Daughter, M83, Jamie XX, and many more. View the entire lineup here.

Way_Out_West_Niklas_Hellerstedt_CC_httpflic.krp9GifUW - 10

(Source: Niklas Hellerstedt Creative Commons/Fest300)


6. Big Ears

When: March 31-April 2, 2016

Where: Knoxville, Tennessee

Amidst the hectic electronic music schedule that has enveloped the United States over the past year, there have been some absolute gold, independent music gatherings that have also produced line-ups worth shelling out dough for. The festival prides itself in creating the most interactive and dynamic experience between musicians and artists. This year’s lineup features Nicholas Jaar, Andrew Bird, Andy Scott, The Necks, and many more. Apart from music, the festival includes discussions, interactive workshops, installations, exhibitions, film screenings, and much more.

big ears

(Source: Big Ears/Facebook)


7. Festival No. 6

When: September 1-4, 2016

Where: Portmeiron, Wales

The perfect destination for backpackers and travellers, Festival No 6 has earned itself more than a few accolades for being intimate, stylish and awe-inspiring. The festival, which brings together the whole town, is also a healthy alternative to over-crowded and hedonistic EDM festivals, with its family-friendly camping areas and activities. Stages are set at different venues in the village i.e the town hall, the amphitheatre, the stone boat and the field over-looking the sea, among other spaces. The award winning three day festival is a kaleidoscope of entertainment with music, art and performances ranging from poetry to pop and classical music.




8. Splore 

When: February 19 – 21, 2016

Where: Auckland, New Zealand

Splore, which means “carousing”, is a cultural and musical gathering at a lovely regional park just south of Auckland. Facing the South Pacific ocean, this festival is not only one of  the most scenic ones, but also harbours many great and immersive activities, such as face-painting, sailing, burlesque troupe performances, and much more. Not to mention the fact that the music is outright incredible. One of the most idiosyncratic boutique festivals out there, this one is a must-visit.

splore 2


(BurgsEye Photos/Splore Facebook)


9. Wanderland Music and Arts Festival

When: March 5, 2016

Where: Makati

Now in its fourth year, Wanderland is probably one of the biggest music festivals in Philippines. This one, too, prides itself in the brilliantly curated indie/alternative lineups. With its promise of outer space magic and crackling headliners, it’s no surprise that Wanderland is Karpos Multimedia’s biggest music festival. This year’s lineup, which you can examine in depth here, features Death Cab For Cutie, Bon Iver, The Naked and Famous, Blackbird Blackbird and more.

wanderland - rappler 4

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10. Traena 

When: June/July (TBA)

Where: Træna, Norway

As far as backwoods go, there is no other festival that goes are further from urbanscape as Traena. It is, after all, considered the most remote music festival for nothing. A tiny island festival, it provides an opportunity for travel and music enthusiasts to attend a wonderful curation of music surrounded by the beautiful cliffs of the Nordic valley. The festival requires of its audience to take a ferry to the island, where they remain cut off from the dreadful punishment of the mundane, as they revel in Norway’s beauty and music.