Are you in the early stages of planning this year’s vacation? Are you trying to pick the perfect destination to escape to, one that checks off all your must-haves? For many, Canada could be that destination that offers you a bit of everything making for the perfect holiday. Because Canada is such a large country with a vast landscape, culture, and heritage, there is lots to explore here. To help make the decision process smoother, here are four reasons to visit Canada in 2022.

The Perfect Place for Nature and Outdoors Lovers

If you’re the type that loves to be outside surrounded by nature, wildlife, and gorgeous scenery then Canada is the place for you. So much of the country is untouched, giving travellers a serene and relaxing vacation opportunity. While there are many noteworthy areas of the country, most tend to agree that it’s the Rocky Mountains (British Columbia and Alberta) that stand out in terms of natural beauty.

For those looking for an even more remote holiday opportunity, travel further north to the Yukon for spectacular beauty, rugged landscape, a chance to see the Northern Lights, and wildlife viewing as you’ve never experienced.

The Big City Vibe Can Also Be Found

Now maybe nature and outdoors aren’t exactly your thing, and you enjoy more of the big city vibe. It’s that the case, you’ve got a few big cities to choose from, dotted across the country. The largest city is, of course, Toronto, located in the province of Ontario. It is one of, if not the most multi-cultural city in the world and is also ranked as the number five most liveable city in the world.

Other big cities include Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB; Ottawa, ON; Montreal, QC; and Quebec City, QC. What’s great about the cities is that they all have unique personalities.

Big On Dining and Food Experiences

For the foodies in the bunch, the fact that Canada prides itself on its multi-cultural makeup means you can experience some of the best the world has to offer in terms of dining and food experiences. You can find pretty much any type of cuisine in Canada, whether it’s authentic or is more a fusion or a modern twist on classics. Canada’s east and west coasts are also known for their fresh seafood.

Wineries are big business in Canada with the main wine-growing regions being British Columbia, Ontario (the southern portion), Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

Downtime When Needed

Because Canada is so big on adventure, activities, and attractions it’s easy to wear yourself out while on holiday. This is why it’s important to also schedule some downtime so you don’t burn out.

Some of the ways you can enjoy your downtime on holidays include:

  • Using your smartphone or tablet in your room for a little online gaming – you can research the best sites to gamble online Canada
  • Book a spa treatment
  • Order room service and enjoy a meal in bed
  • Choose accommodations with lots of on-site amenities so you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to

Prepare for Adventure

If you’re ready for an adventure of a lifetime, it’s time to book a trip to Canada and discover all it has to offer.