3LAU releases new music video for his single Star Crossed!

Credit: Courtesy of the Artist

Teaming up with creative director and travel videographer Rob Strok, the music video transports listeners through a tantalizing soundscape of natural beauty- and it’s for a good cause! The music video was released via 3LAU’s non-profit dance music label BLUME, which raises money for a vast array of charitable causes through their releases. The profits from “Star Crossed” will be donated to hurricane relief in Houston and Puerto Rico.

Inspired by a quote by Henry David Thoreau that says “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves,” the music video follows 3LAU and a female protagonist (Brooke Maroon) through their travels across Kauai. The song has reached over 1.6 million streams on Spotify, and on initial release was described by Billboard as “Electronic drums echo into the night, synthetic bass lines skips across the floor, and shooting stars streak the sky in rainbow-colored streams… This is a jam that hits the ballad sweet spot.”

“The video is meant to encourage others to explore and to enjoy the journey,” said 3LAU. “It is important to recognize the beauty in feeling lost sometimes, in life or in love.”

The music video is the starting point of a whole new creative direction that the young songwriter and DJ/producer has planned for his fans. With many gigs and shows on the horizon, we expect to hear much more from 3LAU in the months to follow!

Watch the music video for “Star Crossed” here!