Undoubtedly, love is one of the most powerful emotions. The Chinese talk a lot about love and true feelings. Their quotes will help you to express your tender feelings more eloquently and meaningly. There are 30 Chinese love quotes that will give you an opportunity to consider this emotion in terms of Chinese culture and enrich your understanding of love.

With so many people trooping to dating websites and apps searching for romantic partners, it is evident that human beings are creatures of love. And when discussing love and marriage, few people in the world grasp the concept like the Chinese people. Right from time, Asian brides have always learned to love their husbands and put their families first, even before their careers. The menfolk also understand that their wife’s happiness depends on protecting them and their kids. And even in the fast-paced modern world, with everyone trying to succeed financially, the Chinese still highly regard love and marital happiness.


1. Love is the beginning and end of our existence. There is no life without love. Because love is what a wise person puts on a pedestal.

2. Happiness is when someone understands you, great happiness is when someone loves you, real happiness is when you yourself love someone. (It is one of the best Confucius quotes.)

3. The attraction of hearts gives rise to friendship, the attraction of mind – to respect, the attraction of bodies – to passion, and only all of them together give birth to love. 

4. Love is a seasoning for life. It can either sweeten or oversalt it. 

5. It is easy to hate and difficult to love.

6. In terms of its effect on the body, love can be compared with a drug or pain medication. People in love experience the same feeling of euphoria that happens with a dose of cocaine. Embrace of a loved one reduces pain because, at this moment, the body produces a “painkiller” hormone. And another interesting fact is that even memories of love can activate creative thinking. Moreover, love makes people kinder, since the body of a loving person actively produces oxytocin – a hormone that affects mood and amiability.

7. You should find out how to maintain and even create love. To make life with your loved one harmonious, you need to learn how to build relationships properly. It’s complicated. Nowadays, not every loving couple is able to overcome this crisis, that is why there are so many divorces. Young people do not want to spend time, energy, and nerves to understand their loved one. Everyone is trying to hog the blanket without thinking about the need to take care of a partner and not remembering his values and strengths. As a result, wonderful couples are broken, even though the partners were meant to each other by nature.

8. Have you ever thought of why a man is drawn to a woman, and women – to the stronger sex? After all, we are not animals, so the attraction is difficult to explain by instincts alone. A couple in love is held together not only by physical intimacy but also by mutual respect, support, understanding, friendship, selflessness, admiration for each other, and help. And while there are all these things in the relationship between a man and a woman, true love is alive too. (It is a good tip in case of dating a European girl.)

9. Think with love, breathe with love, speak with love, radiate love, and then you will notice how your relationships and the world around you change.

10. Love is the work of the soul, as forgiveness and generosity require great efforts and a kind heart. But one should always remember that hatred incinerates a person and emasculates him from within, but love restores him to life and rises above perishing vanity. Love for oneself, for people, and for a living is the basis of harmonious life. So sometimes, it’s worth accepting people around us (grumbling old women, colleagues with uncertain temper, dissatisfied passengers in public transport, etc) as they are. 

11. What is love? Writers and poets claim this is a magical and mysterious feeling. And although love is difficult to interpret, it is this feeling that inspires a person and makes him happy.

12. When people are together – no matter where their bodies are.

Lao Tzu

13. Truth without love makes a person critical. Parenting without love gives rise to contradictions. Order without love makes a person pennywise. Knowledge without love makes a person always right. Possession without love makes a person stingy. Faith without love makes a man a bigot. Woe betides those who are scant on love. Why live, if not for love?

14. Do not seek love, otherwise, you will lose it. Do not search, and you will find it.

15. Love makes you addicted – at first, you are afraid not to find it, and then you are afraid to lose it.

16. By the will of fortune, a person can rule the whole world for a while, but by the will of love and kindness, he can rule the world timelessly.

17. I have three precious things that I observe and treasure. The first is called a “deep feeling of love”. The second is called “moderation”. The third is called “lack of desire to be the number one”.

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18. You can buy a house, but not a family hearth, a bed, but not a dream, a watch, but not time, a book, but not knowledge, a social status, but not respect, pay for a doctor, but not for health, buy a soul, but not life, buy sex, but not love.

19. In fact, it is not difficult to die for the sake of a loved one. It’s much harder to live a life for this person.

20. Everyone loves in his own way.

21. If you want to win the heart of another person, never give him up.

22. The invisible red thread connects those who are fated to meet despite the time, place, and circumstances. The thread may stretch or get tangled, but will never break.

23. Sleeping on the same pillow does not mean seeing the same dreams.

24. A loving person is fed up just with water. But without love, you starve even having food.

25. Love me, love my dog.

26. If we are fated to meet, we will meet each other even for a thousand kilometers.

27. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

28. Love is blind.

29. Holding your hand, we grow old together.

30. In heaven, we will be birds flying side by side, and on earth, we will be twins, flowering twigs on one tree.