In another festival related casualty, a 26 year old sadly passed away after being ‘brutally assaulted’ at the Parklife Weekender main stage in Manchester.

People sustaining injuries and overdosing on banned materials is becoming an increasingly worrying issue at a number of large scale festivals. In another deeply saddening incident, Robert Hart, 26, lost his life trying to prevent his girlfriend being hit by an ‘inflatable toy’ which involved him getting into a tussle with a fellow festival goer, who attacked him mercilessly.

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The crowd managed to help him and gave him chest compressions until security arrived and immediately moved him to a nearby hospital. After battling for his life, the 26 year old eventually succumbed to his injuries. Manchester police are currently on the look-out for the assailant who was responsible for Robert’s injuries at the festival. Another incident involving two men being stabbed has also been reported at the Manchester festival.

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Tussling for space at a concert is a regular drill. With the number of festivals & subsequently, attendees always rising, we can expect that we will not always succeed in finding your own ‘space’. Everybody wants the best view for what they’re paying and tussling for room can often lead to complicated situations. The overall culture of electronic dance music ‘raving’ and ‘ravers’ is quite frankly, getting out of hand. Kids are unable to hold in their temper, or their alcohol, and indulging in violence owing to their ‘plur’ry vision. We’re not sure what exactly lead to incidents involving festival related mishaps, nor are we speculating. But the alarming number of casualties being reported at Festivals, abroad and local, is a worrying issue and something has got to be done about it. The Sherp sends his heartfelt condolences to the victims of such tragedies.

(Source: BBC News)