Here are some of the best and brightest pictures from Netherlands’ most popular dance music festival


1. Welcome to Mysteryland!
2. A place of strange get-ups…
3… Pretty lights…
4… Synchronised clap-alongs…
5. And awesome people
6. Behold Steve Aoki’s champagne showers
Champagne showers
7. Getting caked never looked this fun
Getting caked
Getting caked 2
9. Mysteryland’s forests hosted cute Gothic Lolita/Geisha, tea and cocktail parties
We were feeling a very gothic lolita vibe
gothic lolita 2
tutu fairies
13. A Chinese beckoning cat ruled the forest…
Giant cats
14…While electric kites lit it up
15. Confetti was aplenty…
16… Moving lights were a thing…
hazy nights
17… R3hab hijacked Rudgr’s camera…
rehab hijacked rudgrs cam
18… No one gave a rat’s ass about cultural appropriation…
Cultural appropriation be damned
19. And Mary Poppins’ gown was found
Mary poppins lost her dress
 20.  But let’s not forget the bar on wheels…
Thats a bar
 21…The shaving salon for proper gentlemen…
shaving salon
22. And the Magic Forest band
tree band
23. So long Mysteryland!
so long mlnl rudgr
( Image Courtesy : Rudgr)
24. You were…
Mysteryland we love you

(All images courtesy : Mysteryland)