Diverging from the ever-increasing, ever-crowded, ever-commotion induced festivals, A Festival Called Panama is here to redefine and remind you what it means to enjoy a music festival.

Ever wondered what it would be like if your favourite music fest was held on a more quaint location where only a select few would be permitted to enter? An intimate gathering with blissful tunes and food and most of all—no pesky fourteen year olds in crop-tops and neon Kandi bands. Well, let’s just say you don’t have to wonder anymore.

B_3G5PIUsAAL3iq(Image Courtesy: Pannama Twitter)

A Festival Called Panama is here with its fabulously tranquil second edition. This festival is everything festivals today have forgotten they’re supposed to be. A relaxing, beautiful weekend getaway that celebrates music and the people who love it. We love our Tomorrowlands and Burning Mans but for those who seek a more understated, intimate and organic environment, nothing could be better than A Festival Called Panama.

Held on a cider farm, surrounded by a forested landscape and greenery, festival-goers can bring along blankets and settle on the grass while listening to the artists up on stage. This is a place where you wont hear the hooting and screams drown the delicacy of live music, this is a festival where children can be brought along without having to worry about them getting trampled by the crowd.

(Image Courtesy: abc.net)

A Festival Called Panama sells only 1000 tickets exactly, so gear up for its next edition, you may just be able to book yourself one if you’re lucky.