CRSSD, a festival held on the breathtaking shores of San Diego, has decided to ban typical rave attire from its grounds. 


The trend of raving has become more mainstream than the music itself. At least the organizers of CRSSD seem to think so. After unveiling their incredible line-up, the festival took the matter of typical “rave” attire in their own hands and banned certain accessories on festival ground. These include furry boots, pacifiers and excessive number of Kandi bands.


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Not only this, the festival went all out and established a dress-code which forbids excessive show of skin. We suppose the intention behind this ban was to shift the focus of attending a music fest from the rave culture to the authenticity of the music. Either way, we’re sure there are fans with strong opinions about this new direction CRSSD has taken. Feel free to express yourselves in the comments section, folks.

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