21-year old Shikha aka DJ Adaa was nabbed by police in Mumbai while she was fleeing away with a whopping Rs. 1 Crore!

Defied by her own addiction to social media, DJ Adaa found herself laying the steps to her own arrest. The young DJ was in Mumbai to play at a hotel in the city and found herself setting the trap to her detainment when she went live on Facebook, making it easier for the Special Operations Group (SOG) from Rajasthan to track down her location.

Shikha was under the radar of SOG since December 2016 after her name cropped up in a number of other honey trapping cases. The DJ was finally  arrested for blackmailing and honey trapping a high profile medical professional.

Credits: India Today

There is actually more to the story of this seemingly innocent face. Shikha was part of a blackmailing gang that used to target high profile personalities who were mostly doctors or real estate agents. The scrupulously planned racket has been active for quite some time and around 33 people have been arrested thus far including six female members who were part of it. It is estimated that the gang has scandalously made a whopping Rs. 20 crores of such shams.

Credits: India Today

In this particular incident that involved Shikha honey trapping an esteemed doctor from JaipurShikha visited Jaipur based, Sunit Soni‘s clinic for an apparent hair transplant where she befriended him. The two got closer over time and after a while, set out on a trip to Pushkar. Whilst on the trip, Shikha commenced her scam and falsely accused the doctor of rape. She demanded a sum of Rs. 2 Crore to keep silent failing which she would go to the police.

Credits: Instagram/officialdjadaa

The doctor was arrested and kept behind bars for 78 days after being acquitted. On December 2016, the doctor filed an official complaint against the DJ. The doctor tried settling the matter by giving her a sum of Rs. 1 crore and 5 lacs, following which the DJ fled to Mumbai.

The SOG began tracking Shikha after her name came up in a dozen other related honey trapping scams. The 21-year old DJ’s social media addiction proved to her own vice when she went live on Facebook while performing at a Mumbai hotel, which led the police right to her. The 5 month long chase ended with the DJ’s Mumbai set.  

Guess one’s obsession with social media trumps everything, right?

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