The third edition of the Singapore Film Festival 2016 is taking place form the August 5-7 at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi! 

Three days, three films, three filmmakers. The event is being organised by the Singapore High Commission in association with the India Habitat Center, New Delhi. The festival is going to showcase some of the most eclectic and inspired works of some of Singapore’s most creative minds.

The festival opens with the first film “Seven Letters”. This happens to be Singapore’s official entry into the Oscars this year as well for Best Foreign Language Film. The film is about 7 short stories made by some of the most significant film makers of Singapore. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Indian filmmaker K Rajagopal, whose film focuses on the Indian migrant experience in Singapore. His recent film “The Yellow Bird” was also screened at this years prestigious Cannes Film Festival! 

A still from Seven Letters-

The second day of the event is going to be showcasing the film “Singapore Minstrel” which is based on Singapore’s street performers. The film revolves around Roy Payamal, a veteran Indian origin busker in Singapore.  The director Ng Xi Jie, is his better half who has tried her best to cover his life. The film boasts of being multi-faceted in its use of interviews and raw footage that Payamal has captured over the years. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Payamal and Ng herself. Get a look into their minds and their creative processes. 

The final day of the festival concludes with the 3 part animation short “Utter”. The shorts have been adapted from three literary works by 3 Singaporean authors. The screening will be followed by a workshop with celebrated animation artist Tan Wei Keong who will be giving some insights into Singapore’s animation industry. 

The Singapore Film Festival is the one-stop event for anyone who wants to get a little in-depth knowledge about the creative processes they adapt and also about the budding creators. Make sure you get your fix of artsy film making here!