Here’s a glimpse of the 2016 edition of the incredible Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.

Known for immaculate art displays and installations, the Kala Ghoda festival did not disappoint this year. With a wide range of spectacular pieces by independent artists and some groundbreaking performances, there was much to revel at during this year’s instalment of the festival. Take a look at some of the photographs The Sherp brought back from Kala Ghoda this year.


1. Every February, in the urban confines of South Mumbai, The Kala Ghoda Festival does a fine job of regaling the city’s artistic incumbency.


(Source: Pran Pal/Festival Sherpa)


2. As people who’ve lived and loved this city will know, art in the city has witnessed a sort of collective decline, for it has been steadfastly replaced by a more hungry financial run.

(Source: Pran Pal/Festival Sherpa)


3. As the mother of all cultural fests in India, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has been an exciting and vibrant cultural melting pot ever since its inception in 1999. 


(Source: Pran Pal/Festival Sherpa)


4. As far as art festivals go, its exponential growth over the years has attracted visitors, participants and sponsors from all over the world. 


(Source: Pran Pal/Festival Sherpa)


5. This year, the festival went on for two brilliant weeks, displaying a plethora of culturally and socially diverse forms of art. 


(Source: Pran Pal/Festival Sherpa)


6. A step into Mumbai’s overwhelming South Bombay landscape, and you’re immediately ushered to a time of yore – when Mumbai was a thriving display of grand Victorian architecture and poise. 


(Source: Pran Pal/Festival Sherpa)


7. It’s as visually staggering as it is powerful. And for many years, it had centralised the city’s artistic psyche. 


(Source: Pran Pal/Festival Sherpa)


8. Truly a festival for every kind of art consumer the city can throw up, it is its multi-disciplinary spirit that has made the festival really popular. 


(Source: Pran Pal/Festival Sherpa)


9. The Kala Ghoda Art Festival is a time for artists from across India to set base in Mumbai and display their brilliance. 

(Source: Instagram/Festival Sherpa)


10. The festival sees a varied crowd every year, and the fact that the festival manages to serve the arts and attract people of varied groups at the same time is truly commendable. 

kala ghoda facebook

(Source: Kala Ghoda Festival/Facebook)


11. This year saw some of the most stunning art installations in Mumbai. 

(Source: @bouy_with_nikon/Instagram)


12. The night was alight with joy and revelry. 

(Source: @indiaculturalhub/Instagram)


13. Colour and shapes of all form dominate the Kala Ghoda district during the festival.


(Source: @onecuptea/Instagram)


14. It is during the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival that people of the city are exposed to the many diverse forms of art that dwell in different parts of the country. 


(Source: @ashi__moments/Instagram)


15. All of the city of Mumbai and beyond finds itself at South Mumbai at some time or the other, making it a truly city-serving festival at best.


(Source: @shades_of_mylyf/Instagram)


16. It is in its ability to be distinctive, yet loved that makes the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Mumbai’s best art event.

(Source: @mohammadrizvi/Instagram)


17. We already look forward to next year’s edition!

(Source: Instagram)