Despite witnessing another grand musical fiesta at Field Day Music Festival, some attendees didn’t have the best start to the New Year as they’d imagined. 

Field Day Music Festival, a major part of the New Year celebrations ritual in Sydney, Australia, held its 12th edition just yesterday, and was host to a whopping 28,000 attendance of fans. Featuring an ambitious and supreme lineup, the festival was everything a music fan could look forward to. However, a grim highlight of the festival has become the issue of drug users and the multiple arrests that were made at the festival yesterday – 167 arrests, and 6 peddlers were nabbed.

Field Day has been facing the issue of drug usage and distribution over the years, as do other music festivals in Australia. Despite enforcing security and holding a Red Cross drug & alcohol harm-minimization course, many attendees were found under influence and as many cases included attendees being hospitalized , being treated at the medical tent due to over-dosage or being suggested rehab centers like drug rehab new jersey.

About time we realize the harms of drugs and let music festival experiences be only about what they’re meant to be, don’t you think? Be wise, stay safe folks!

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