This past weekend, travellers and enthusiasts gathered around the beautiful Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, to be part of and witness one of India’s most organic and joyful music and cultural festivals. Here are some pictures that portray Ziro Festival’s music culture and the quaint traditions of the Apatani people.

For those of you who don’t know, the picturesque valley is home to the Apatani community, an agrarian tribe whose relationship with nature is tender and loving. In three years, the festival has been as much about indie music as it has been about the Apatani valley and the people indigenous to it. Local dance and music go hand in hand with bigger artistes; a curious and happy mix, if you will. 


1.Getting there


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2. With these views to accompany you. #nofilter


3. Campsite on fleek.


4. Of village views and cotton clouds.


5. A glorious afternoon at the day stage!


6. Wholesome and traditional Apatani meals:  Millet liquor shots and fried freshwater fish with pickles, Rice, beef curry and boiled veg.


7. Combining Apatani prints and fashion!



8. The Tetseo sisters and their talented brother are a veteran act at Ziro Festival Of Music.


9. What’s your poison? A shot of rice wine or some hot chai?


10. Digital Suicide FTW!



12. Sunset vibes and gorgeous music.

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13. A traditional Apatani dream catcher

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14. Grilled spicy grasshopper is an Apatani delicacy

15. All in all a great time was had as depicted by these happy faces! 🙂


(Cover Image Courtesy : Nayan Deka)