There is a reason why Hangout Music Festival finds itself on the globe’s top beach festivals list, cause it literally is one of the best ones out there. Its summery vibe resonates perfectly with the ones who like lazing around at the beach during the season. With a line-up containing names like the Foo Fighters, Jack U, Tove Lo and other super-awesome performers, Alabama was exposed to a top notch music festival this past weekend. Here’s some pictorial proof:


hangout (Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill) 


2.  Tove Lo slaying the beach with her voice

Taylor Hill Tove Lo(Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill)  


3. Jenny Lewis on Day 1

Jenny Lewis Taylor Hill(Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill)


4. Tying the knot has become a regularity at major music festivals. Hangout was no different. Photographer Josh Rhinehart captured this splendid moment.

Josh Rhinehart(Image Courtesy: Josh Rhinehart)


5. No better place to catch your breath from all the action

Josh Rhinehart 2(Image Courtesy: Josh Rhinehart) 


6. A stunning view of Alabama’s white shore

Taylor Hill(Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill) 



Chris Carrasquilo1(Image Courtesy: Chris Carrasquilo) 


8. Dave Grohl tearing it up as the Foo Fighters mesmerized on Day 1

Photo by Taylor Hill Getty Images for Hangout Festival(Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill) 



Bradley Collins(Image Courtesy: Bradley Collins) 



Oliver Walker

(Image Courtesy: Oliver Walker) 



Taylor Hill 1(Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill)


12. Surf Skeleton grabbing all the attention

Josh Rhinehart1

(Image Courtesy: Josh Rhinehart)



Taylor Hill 2(Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill) 



Photo by Taylor Hill Getty Images for Hangout Festival1(Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill)  



Taylor Hill 3(Image Courtesy: Taylor Hill)  

(Cover Image Courtesy: Josh Rhinehart)

(Images Source: Hangout Music Festival Facebook Page)