SulaFest brings another incredible lineup to music enthusiasts everywhere. Take a look! 

Sula has worked wonders in terms of contributing towards the wine culture in India and the range on offer at the festival was just exquisite. To commemorate this culture, exists SulaFest, a cohesive gathering of revelers over a peaceful weekend. With over 100 international and national artists, more than 25 genres, 23 nations and over 30 gourmet food and beverage options – SulaFest 2016 goes a notch higher in its 9th edition. This year’s incredible lineup features some of the greatest homegrown, as well as international acts on two massive stages. Take a look at some remarkable musicians that will perform at SulaFest this year.


1. The Cat Empire 

Genre: jazz, funk

This Australian ska/jazz/funk band is everything you need to liven up a crowd. With their undeniably palpable energy and spunk, Cat Empire truly establishes themselves as one of the best live performing bands. Despite being from Australia, Cat Empire’s music has some heavy Latin influences. Listen to their song “Two Shoes” below.


2. Balkan Beat Box

Genre: balkan, gypsy, electronic

Residing somewhere in the wide spectrum of genres that is world music, Balkan Beat Box brings an almost overwhelming blend of Balkan, gypsy, middle eastern infuences coupled with hip-hop and electronica, delivering immensely intricate music. Famous for their song “Hermetico”, which was sampled in Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty”, we reckon this band will definitely keep you on your feet. 


3. Dub Inc

Genre: dub, reggae

Dub Inc is an electronic/reggae outfit from France, who have won many hearts with their genre-defying music, mixing up ensemble vocals with ragga raps, all delivered in French, English and more. Diverse and cohesive, Dub Inc’s music sets them apart from other electronic and reggae groups out there. Listen to their song “Revolution” below.


4. Made In Barcelona

Genre: latin

Probably one of the most humble bands on the list, Made in Barcelona is a music group that creates almost magical melodies with their instruments. Known for their many busking sessions on the street, there’s a certain endearing simplicity about their music. Listen to their cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” below for ra glimpse of their brilliance.


5. Success

Genre: electro-rock

Famous for its idiosyncratic music style, Success distinguished themselves from other electronic groups at an early stage. The group has garnered much popularity in the recent years after their international tour. Their music, better known in France, is a blend of power rock with synthetic undertones. Listen to their popular single “Crazy” below!


6. Rodney Branigan 

Genre: blues, country

Texas-born, and now London-based singer/songwriter, Rodney Branigan is something of an underground international phenomenon. He’s known to masterfully play two guitars at once or both guitar and piano simultaneously. This ability to couple his skill with heartfelt lyrics, is what has led to Rodney Branigan becoming one of the most followed global performers of the moment. Listen to his performance of “Body Language” below.


7. Luna City Express

Genre: electronic, house

Originally from Denmark, Luna City express is an electronic duo known for their distinguished musical style. Incorporating a wide range of musical influences, Luna City Express elevates the genre of house music to another level. Consisting of  Norman Weber and Marco Resmann, this duo has been around for the last decade. Listen to their song “Mr. Jack” below.


8. Sashanti

Genre: techno, house

Alexander Sukhochev (aka Sashanti) is an exceptional DJ from Russia, who later settled in the beautiful heart of Goa. Having performed at some of the biggest musical events in the last few years, including Amsterdam Dance Event, Sashanti is making his way to India for SulaFest next. Not to mention the fact that he is also the author of the bestselling book about Goa titled, “The Goa Syndrome”. Check out some of his music below!


9. Kailasa

Genre: sufi, fusion

One of the best known sufi bands in India, Kailasa has been around for better part of the last decade. Fronted by Kailash Kher, Kailasa combines the flamboyance of Bollywood with the authenticity of folk music. Listen to their rendition of “Teri Dewaani” on MTV Unpugged below.


10. Tribal Flora

Genre: psychedelic, world fusion

Tribal Flora is an independent psychedelic band from India, consisting of Karan Sajnani (didgeridoo, guitars, and vocals), Kenroy Sequeira (morsing, danmoi), Anand Bhagat (balaphone, kalimba, percussions), Gideon Crasto (didgeridoo, vocals), and Vaibhav Wavikar (drums, cajon, percussions). their music incorporates eclectic influences such as elements from Indian classical, tribal/folk, electronica and more. Listen to their music below.


11. Aqua Dominatrix

Genre: synth-pop, dream

Akshay Rajpurohit, of Scribe and Pangea, unleashes his synth-pop extremities in his solo project Aqua Dominatrix. This Mumbai-based act is relatively fledgling in the scene, but shows great potential so far. Listen to the track “The Baroness Ovh” below.


12. Reggae Rajahs

Genre: reggae

Known as one of India’s oldest reggae sound systems, this reggae group is coming down to SulaFest this year. Equipped with incredibly catchy beats and a plethora of original music, they’re bound to be one of the most anticipated acts at the festival. Listen to their song “05 So Nice” from their EP Beach Party below.


13. Edu Imbernon

Genre: house

Edu Imbernon is a songwriter, producer and DJ from Valencia. He is known for his archetypal mix of electronica, house, and indie, creating a sound that is refreshing. Apart from his distinctive style, his remixes are also quite popular amongst the masses. Especially his remix of The XX”s “Crystalised”, which has garnered much popularity. Listen to his original song “Dalt” below.


SulaFest takes place on February 6-7. Head to their website for more info and their Facebook page or event for updates. Get your tickets here!

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