The magical feel about Lavasa’s first camping festival has several contributing factors this year – From celebrating Holi to gaining access to your very own private pool,  the Sherp highlights the marvelous experiences that you’d be missing out on if you haven’t booked your passes for this festival yet. 

1. The Epic Drunch


A special drunch schedule including a barbeque and unlimited wine and beer (INR 950) with Reggae Rajahs, B.R.E.E.D, Sound Avtar and DJ Sa (11am – 3pm) has been prepared for day one – March 6 (As well as day two). Know more about this HERE 

2. A Silent Disco Party 

SilentDisco-645x429(Image Courtesy:

The relentless party schedule will transform itself into a silent disco post 11pm with artists such as DJ Uri, Orbs & Zen, Audio Glitch, JinXxa and the Helium Project taking control of the tunes.

3. Campfire madness

Parsons Landing Campfire(Image Courtesy: Jack Brauer)

Gather your hoodies and head over to the campfire and share some stories while you’re at it. Grab your guitar and showoff a bit if you’re in the groove.

4. Pool partaayy


Don’t forget to pack your swimwear. You can rent out a pool and dish out your very own pool party with your buddies at the festival.

5. Goliath Beer Pong 

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 1

A beer pong showdown of epic proportions will also be staged at the festival. Six 4-foot tall glasses on either side with a Football instead of a ping pong ball. How awesome does this sound?

6. The Tinder Meeting Point

lost party1  

Essentially a windmill installation, this is an official hugging zone where you can chill out with your friends (or make new ones) and get yourselves photographed as well.

7. Fascinating art installations

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Feast your eyes to some fabulous pieces of art stationed across the venue.  

8. A special ‘Tapri’ has been quartered


(Image Courtesy:

The guys at the Lost Party have us covered in terms of the midnight snack cravings we all battle on a daily basis. They’ve set up provisions for the best of street food at different hours like bun maska chai, bhurji pav, bhajiya, pohe, and pan cakes. For entertainment, they’ve put together board games, busking artists, interactive comedians etc.

9. Two blistering stages 

latitudeeExpect a similar view amid the starry skies at Lavasa next weekend (Image Courtesy: Latitude Festival Facebook)

A tremendous amount of work has been put into bringing you the best local and international artists across not one, but two stages at the Lost Party. Called Boomerang and Woodstocking, book your front-row spots at these two theatres of music, because a large chunk of the audience is expected to populate this area at all times.

10. Relive your childhood

Ball-pit-1-990x500(Image Courtesy:

A special softball pit will allow you to revisit your days as a toddler. The spirit of the Lost Party has been perfectly encapsulated by the presence of this Ball Pit. Head here, let go, and just lose yourself.

11. At the Lost Party, everyone is an artist

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The outer fencing of the venue has a blackboard where you can chalk out drawings and messages (Kindly avoid ‘Jignesh <3 Savitri’ vandalism). Also, a community wall where people can place messages on bricks and build a wall using cement has been arranged. Decorate your campsite, pimp out your tents, lose yourself in the communal spirit and prepare to #LetsGetLost.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets NOW


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