Ultra Europe (held in Croatia last weekend) was a spectacle. Here are eleven pictures that prove that.


1. Ultra Beach. Now isn’t that something?
Ultra Beach

2. Welcome to the Ultra Arena!
Ultra Arena

3. Even Superheroes deemed the festival worthy of their time.
Ultra Superhereoes

ultra AfroJack


5. Euphoria.
Ultra euphoria


6. Crowdsurfing 101
Ultranuats crowdsurfing collage

7. Painting it red, Ultra Style
Ultra Hearts

7. Repping the Germans and their Vic-too-ryyy!
Ultra Germany

8. Exactly what we’re feeling 🙁
Ultra Fernando Torres

10. What the days and nights looked like.
Ultra day and night

11. Lights will guide you home.
Ultra lights will guide you home

Pictures Courtesy : Rukes, Ultra Europe & Rudgr