If you’ve ever been to a camping festival, you know this is true…

Camping festivals make for great community gathering and memorable experiences, but like anything else, it has its downsides. For all you camping mavens out there, The Sherp is here to voice your worries. Take a look!


1. There is no privacy. Ever. 

Be prepared to hear intimate conversations and sex noises in the dead of the night.




2. No matter how much you wash yourself, you never feel clean.

Camping exposes one to harsh conditions, but even days after the festival is over, you will probably find sand and/or mud in unspeakable places.



3. The walk of shame from your tent to the portaloo.

We all wake up in the morning looking like crap (unless you’re Beyonce), and that dreadful walk from your tent to the loos in your pajamas is probably the worst sixty seconds of your life.



4. Spotting your tent while intoxicated is like trying to find Waldo.

After a good day of incredible music and some intoxicants, heading back to the campsite and searching for your tent is a Herculean task. The Sherp knows of many attendees who have crashed in the wrong tent.




5. Getting dressed in a tent should be an award-winning task. 

You had no idea you could turn yourself into a human pretzel. It’s like playing a game of Twister.

giphy (11)


6. And the result is less than flattering. 

You’re hair looks no better than a bird’s nest.



7. You can never be fully prepared for the weather.

Especially in the UK.



8. You need oxygen masks to enter the portaloos by the second day.

And the portaloos look something like this.



9. Let’s not forget the potent tan you will sport until weeks after the festival.

Because constant exposure to the sun will leave you looking like a leather handbag.



10. But then again, you may just meet your vagabond soulmate. 

Your tentmate may just be your next BFF.