Hungary island is rich in cultural events and practices throughout the year, and Hungarians have great traditions that they love to celebrate magnificently. You can visit Hungary any month and expect grand festivities in the country. 

If Hungary is on your holiday list, get to it and explore the glorious culture. However, before your arrival, this post is a compilation of the ten upcoming festivals in Hungary you should know.

Upcoming Festivals in Hungary you Should Know About 

While on vacation in Hungary, you’ll never get bored or run out of things to do. This is because there are multiple festivals in Budapest and around the country. The tourism festivals include popular music, fine arts, and more, the festivals listed below.

Balaton Festival

Europe is famous for hosting glorious music festivals globally, which attract thousands of tourists from around the world annually. The Balaton festival is one of the most significant festivals in Hungary that takes place each year in June or July.

The festival hosts some of the most famous musicians and DJs from all over the world. All genres are represented, from electronic music to pop and hip-hop. In the recent past, artists like Alesso, and Axwell graced the occasion by giving outstanding performances. 

If this sounds like your cup of coffee, make sure you book tickets online or purchase them online as the festival takes place from 29 Jun29 June to 2 Jul2 Jul in Zamárdi, Hungary. After enjoying the music festival, you can head to one of the famous casinos in Hungary and experience the vibrant betting culture. 

Waldorf Teszt

Zebegény is a boutique festival that takes place between 23 – 26 June at the Szőnyi Camp. The event is a tight-knit community whose founders attended the same nursery school, hence the event’s name. Its primary purpose has been to strengthen life relations and friendships since the first event in 2010.

Music is one of the main activities; theater, fine arts, film, and handicrafts are also part of the events you can expect. Performers are primarily award-winning singer Дeva, celebrated alt-rockers, and Csaknekedkislány.

Advance day tickets will cost you HUF 7,500-10,500 or a total of HUF 23,900 for four days, but the price goes up by 3,000 – 4,000 forints at the event. You can use the nearest train service at Zebegény, an hour from Budapest Nyugati, then a 2km stretch to Márianosztrai út alongside Medrez stream.

Ozora Festival

It happens annually in one estate in Ozora town and is one of Hungary’s most prestigious psychedelic hypnotic arts and music events. The festival attracts many tourists yearly as it is unique in the world.

As the top psychedelic trance festival, the annual turnout is 60,000, coming second after Tomorrowland, Europe’s music festival. Attending artists are Ace Ventura, Braincell, Tristan, and other top trance artists. 

If this genre amuses you, your visit to Hungary between 1 Aug1 Aug – 7 Aug7 Aug will be an experience you’ll never forget. Purchase tickets online in advance as you wait to attend the Ozora festival.


Happening in Sukoro between July 13 – 17 this year, EFFORT is a student-friendly event that takes place on the shores of Lake Velence. The venue is a few meters from Velence train station.

Since the audience is mainly young Hungarians, you can be sure they’re ready to let loose and have mad fun. They engage in domestic acts and the spice of the odd international performer, John Newman from Yorkshire, with his most famous tune, Love Me Again, debuting in 2013. 

Buy tickets for the entire week at HUF 37,900 and HUF 32,900 over the weekend. If you purchase them daily, it will cost you HUF 13,490.

Summer Fest International Folklore Festival

Summer Fest International is an old event established in 1987. It’s a small event celebrating global talent differently, and participants visit Hungary to show off their abilities and crafts. 

The festival takes place in the second half of each year from 12 Aug12 Aug – 22 Aug22 Aug in different parts of Hungary. Once the event ends, boats parade to close the celebration in style with song, pomp, and dance as a sign of another successful festival. The event is held in Ráckeve, Tököl, and Százhalombatta in Hungary.

Bánkitó Fesztivál

Many people come from Budapest to Nógrád County to attend this picturesque festival on the lakeside of Bánkitó Fesztivál. It’s about one hour away if you take the bus from Budapest’s capital. 

The most current event is neo-psych band Middlemist Red, pop-rockers Carson Coma, and Tuareg world-music competitors from Niger, Mdou Moctar. Although this is one announcement, you can be sure more are coming up. 

Bankito festival is a family event as it happens in a waterfront location during the day, allowing kids to play. It takes place between the 13th – 16 Jul 16 Jul at the Bánki vizi színpad. Buy tickets during the day range from 8,000 to HUF 15,000 and 28,500 forints. 

Romantic Reform Era

If European history interests you, the Romantic Reform Era will take you back to the 19th century. Hungary recognized itself as a country in the 19th century, and this festival aims at rejoicing and celebrating these activities. 

The festival consists of traditional Hungarian cultures like clothes, food, music, and art. You dine and drink with the royalty of the 19th century at this unique festival at Balatonfüred, Vesprém county, Hungary. The dates are yet to be disclosed, but it happens in September.

Badacsony Wine Weeks

Getting tipsy when on holiday is allowed, and this is what you can do at Lake Balaton as it’s famous for annual wine weeks. The festival spreads across two weeks to celebrate different wine flavors and local talent. 

Celebrations are marked by wine tasting, educational tours to learn more about vineyards, and song and dance performances. The festival dates are yet to be announced, but it takes place in July at Badacsony, Lake Balaton, Hungary.

Tihany Lavender Festival

The lavender festival in Hungary is a sweet event that takes place in June of each year. It’s an event that happens across beautiful lavender landscape fields, and the celebration honors the blooming of the beautiful flower. 

During the boom period, the air fills with the sweet lavender scent and the green fields with a purple shade. Besides the flower celebrations, there are art celebrations in Tihany, Lake Balaton, Hungary, in June of each year.


The VOLT is an annual festival that’s been in existence for almost three decades. It draws visitors from across the world to watch different music genres filling the forested campground in the city of Sopron. 

It will take place between 21st and 25th June with leading performers of the annual festival, including MUSE and The Killers. There will be more activities like open-air pubs and outdoor yoga, and colorful allures.


There are many interesting upcoming festivals in Hungary you should know about before making a vacation trip. Hungarians make grand celebrations of talent and culture, which attract people from all over the world. Immersing yourself in these joyous events will give you an experience about Hungary you’ll never forget.