FOMO is real and missing this festival is a dagger to the heart. But we have an alternative. 

If you can’t make it to New York’s hottest EDM festival due to parents being mean, college being rude and pockets being tight, don’t worry! Listen to these tracks with your eyes closed and you’ll be transported to the main stage.


Carnage has been is known for his infectious beats and live sets that will get the ultimate dance party started. Make sure to listen to this track and get fired up!


His track Bazaar was the anthem for Sunburn Goa and he lives to the potential. Secrets is, it’s the perfect track that mixes Vassy’s high vocals and Tiesto’s synth- like beat.


Hardwell has been dominating the charts since 2009 with “Show Me Love Vs Be”. This track remains a personal favourite and has one of the best drops of all his tracks.


Zomboy is known for his hard-hitting dubstep since his debut in 2011 and with this track it does get explosive and raw. Check out more of his work with his last EP.



This duo from South Africa creates a good mixture of African beats and jazz into electronic music that somehow just works. This track, with its tongue in cheek video and electro-swing vibe, is sure to get you bouncing on your feet.

Eats Everything

He began his career started with the “Entrance Song”, but Daniel Pierce has a ear for combining house with techno which can be clearly heard in this track.


This experimental house DJ and producer has been gaining a lot of attention with an original track he recorded for XOXO, the original Netflix movie about an EDM festival. This track showcases his knack for timeless house.


Rain Man

After breaking up from Krewella, Rain Man has put out solo material that is equally if not more headbanging than before. This track proves that he can stand on his own and still own the crowd.



Don’t be fooled by the robot head. This DJ has been collaborating with other well-known artists and has a huge fan following. His sound consists of dance-able music that makes you rage



Starting off with a world tour at 19 years old, KhoMha has been famous in Colombia for his progressive trance and house music. Deja Vu is one of his earlier tracks which is still fresh and trippy to a T.

Now its time to grab your headphones and get raging!