If there’s one thing heavy metal band Metallica knows how to do, it’s their blistering, rage-filled live shows! 

Metallica’s music has spanned over 30 years, bringing heavy metal fans together under their huge legacy and talent. The band, comprising of guitar-shredder Kirk Hammett, crab-walking bassist Robert Trujillo, master drummer Lars Ulrich and the master of puppets James Hetfield himself, have been making speaker-annihilating music for 3 decades now. Over the course of this time, they have mastered the art of performing live shows.

One can expect large production values, huge-ass venues and a level of energy from the performers which is simply unparalleled! They have sold out stadiums and performed at legendary venues over 10 lakh people!

We take a look at some of the best live performances Metallica has put out over the years!

10. One – Metallica Through The Never (2013)

9. Master of Puppets – Rock Am Ring (2008)

8. Nothing Else Matters – Wembley (2007)

7. The Day That Never Comes – Quebec Magnetic (2012)

6. The Unforgiven – San Diego (1992)

5. Sad But True – Live Nimes (2009)

4. Seek And Destroy – Seattle (1989)

3. Fade To Black – Mission Metallica (2008)

2. For Whom The Bell Tolls – Live Big Day Out (2004)

Probably the biggest gathering of classic rock fans in the 90’s, the Tushino Airfield in Russia saw almost 10 lakh people! With helicopters flying overhead and the crowds spilling over like an endless sea the concert was headlined by AC/DC and Metallica. The rendition of Enter Sandman sent everyone in a mad trance and just from the video you can see the madness that ensued!

1. Enter Sandman- Monsters of Rock, Tushino Airfield (1991)