If we could gather a bunch of festival-heads and ask them what annoys them most at a festival, they’re sure to yell in unison – “THE LONG LINES TO GET FESTIVAL BANDS”. 

The bane of every music festival in the world is the difficult trepidation it takes waiting to get into the festival. It all begins with a long line of cars queuing up, because, as we all know, parking is a forever process. Then it spearheads into even longer lines of humans desperately waiting to get their hand on the festival bands. And as is most common, you find one person taking almost ten minutes of the window space. And before you even enter the festival, you’re spent and done for the day, forced to conjure faux-excitement for what lies ahead.

Now, if we could have it our way, the waiting for a festival band, while unavoidable, can be a lot more fun. This is just us sending wishes into space, so if festival organisers are listening, make them happen, now.

More space

Festival grounds are magnanimously huge, but unfortunately very little space is afforded to ‘box offices’, where the bands are available. This, ironically, when everyone finds themselves there at the same time waiting to get in. A little more space so we didn’t have to stand like we’re queuing up for food in a camp, would be really great. We hope you realise, no one likes someone belly pressed against their back.

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Better used space

More space does not usually translate to that space being used. Most times, from experience, the ticket line area is the one that is not mowed to be even ground, as the rest of the festival area. Plus, the box office is relegated to one part of the space leaving the rest empty. Now people could hang there only if it were a lot more comfortable, but no.

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Proper organisation

As if the not so comfortable waiting isn’t enough, the space is not barricaded enough with seating arrangements. It’s usually pebbled up, and is not properly covered with shade, making the experience that much hotter, and not the good way. This coupled with poor valet parking and persistently resting confusion regarding the lines and the festival bands, and soon, half the day is over.

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Faster Moving Lines

The lines being long would not be much of a problem – if the lines moved. Increasing amounts of ticket listing confusion and lack of clarity leads to people hogging up several minutes at the band windows. Soon, it’s been half an hour you’ve been there, and you’ve hardly moved an inch. In the age of technology, we wonder how festivals can walk away with poorly conjured lists, or bad parking management. Some, we last heard, even excused themselves saying their laptops hung. How is that possible?

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Now if there is one thing people have learnt, time and again, is that food cures everything. Exhaustion, long lines and even irritable people. Now, most people don’t carry food, as it’s very much confiscated at the entrance, but some few packets would seriously help easing the forever-lasting wait.

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There isn’t much to be said that a handful of bottles will accompany your food pretty well. The choice of liquid is obviously up for choice, but we seriously root for some much needed H20. Any other, and you wouldn’t want to be too wound up to even manage a pass for yourself. Those liquids can wait.

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More importantly, stalls

If there is anything organisers must know from how crowded their wine and dine area is, is that food sells. By the dozens. So the key to a happy festival is a well-fed festival goer. Organisers ever think of putting up a stall or two at the box office? Imagine how well and how fast they’d sell. “The line’s not moving, but hey, there’s still food.”

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Fans, many fans

Not the kinds that cry when their favourite headliner’s on stage, but actual air-providing fans. However good the weather, standing in a line for hours makes anyone sour. A little attempt at fake mechanisms providing comfort can calm anyone down. Try it.


Multiple lines of entry

Large festival spaces adorned with narrow entries is a paradox like we’ve ever seen one. Allow for multiple lines so people can collect their bands and enter, without much waiting. The more the lines, the lesser the wait.

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Music, outside

The best bet to countering the bad mood that sets in because of unending festival band lines is by never letting the bad mood set in. By employing fun activities like a jukebox that could play music, you will realise that the festival atmosphere has pretty much set in. This coupled with some shade, seating arrangements, and food as we asked for above, and never a angry festival goer will you see.

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