Three days of arts, music and experience at a beautiful venue with a great line up and activities. The Sherp takes a closer look at what the Magnetic Fields Festival has in store for you, this weekend.


1. A Gorgeous Venue + Toasty Weather
Set against the backdrop of a beautiful 17th century palace-now-turned- hotel, the Magnetic Fields festival, is easily one of the most anticipated music and arts festivals of the season. The majestic Alsisar Mahal (now part of the Alsisar Group of Hotels) is situated in the village of Alsisar in Shekhawati, Rajasthan. It takes up an impressive 10 acres of land and is around 23 km away the district headquarter – ‘JhunJhunu’ in Rajasthan. Apart from its gorgeous medieval Rajasthani interiors and furniture, the palace is surrounded by paved courtyards and lush gardens. The weather at this time of the year, is almost perfect – with days at a pleasant 25 degrees and nights dropping to a chilly 11 degrees, the Alsisar Mahal promises to be nothing short of an ideal venue.
magnetic venue

2. Expect to be treated like Kings and Queens
……in palace suites and luxury tents

magnetic collage

3. Food Mela
What else goes along with the chilly weather? Good food and drink! Inspired by various Indian and international cuisine, ‘the food mela’ will offer attendees a variety of ‘fresh, light and ready to eat delicious treats’. From fresh fruit juices to Middle Eastern wraps, local meat delicacies, the sumptuous Rajasthani thali along with Mullen wine and Sangria to wash it all down. Designed to imitate a local food market, all the ingredients will be locally sourced adding a touch to a wholesome experience.

4. Welcome Kits
Thanks to the good folks at Wild city, who have decided to make the experience of Magnetic Fields a lot more fun and easy, attendees will receive ‘Welcome kits’  on their arrival which they say will include some ‘festival essentials along with some non-essential’. This includes a handy guidebook that which will come with recommendations, clues to the secret parties, a map and break down of the line up.

 5. The Line Up
Speaking of the line up, if you’re own who follows most underground and left of centre artists this country churns out – it’s safe to say the line up is filled with your favourites.The experience of Magnetic fields will be nothing with its incredible mix of homegrown and international non-commercial music and genres.  The accidental acid house daddy- Charanjit Singh Robot Koch, Shiva Soundsystem, Shaa’ir + Func, Midival Punditz are just a few of the 34 artists that will be performing over 3 days.

magnetic line up

6. Festival Styling & Stage Design
To compliment the music comes the festival styling and stage design. Magnetic Fields will be the first music festival conceptualized and curated by a label and a design house. Smita Singh, of 11.11 by CellDSGN and Kunal Lodhia, of design collective WethePpl will be creating the Magnetic Fields aesthetic, using locally sourced materials and traditional Rajasthani design elements. The festival takes references from vintage carnivals and combines them with re-interpretations of a local ‘mela’ to create an unconventional experience.

 To give you a better idea of the look, the festival will have two stages North and South.The South stage or  the day stage features a gigantic, shimmering glass chandelier while the North stage, the night stage, is designed like a moving theatre, reminiscent of an old-style carnival.

7. Flea Market
Of course, what’s a music and arts festival without a flea market these days? The interesting part about the one at Magnetic Fields is that it will include a quaint mix of designer clothes, accessories, costumes and knickknacks to help you look your Bjork best at the secret pop up parties. To add to the whole experience is the Magnetic Fields currency, available in special little bags, so you don’t have to carry cash or pesky coupons around.

8. Fun stuff to do
For those of you health freaks, mornings will start with yoga sessions on the lawn to help you rejuvenate. For those of you interested in being a little creative, local artisans will be conducting workshops on the site.


9. Secret pop up parties, treasure hunts, bonfires and Music till 4 am!
With the help on your festival bible, the guidebook you’ll be given clues to secret parties and treasure hunts. Thanks to the day and night stages, music and revelry are expected to continue into the wee hours of the night. Also, bonfires! What camping music festival is complete with bonfires?!

10. The Geminid Meteor Shower
Talk about the opportune moment! On Saturday afternoon, the world will be privy to the best annual meteor shower. The crisp air and clear skies at Magnetic Fields Festival, will be the perfect place to watch it coupled with some beautiful music and people around you.

(Images courtesy: Magnetic Fields)