North America has its hands full this year with a barrage of music festivals being held throughout its calendar. But perhaps the most loved and anticipated of them all, has to be Coachella, that kickstarts this weekend. A line-up stacked with some of the best electronic and live acts on the globe is not Coachella’e prime attraction. There’s plenty more, and the Sherp gives you a lowdown on these. 


1. The installations are going to be stupendous


The Colorado festival has always gone out of their way when it comes to providing a visual experience for its audience and this year, the budget allocated for art has broken all records. Coachella will be spending the highest amount ever shelled out for art at any music festival in the world, so feast your eyes.

coachella install

2. Permanent restrooms to the rescue

The restroom situation at festivals has always been a major talking point when you look back at your festival experience as a whole. Coachella is the latest festival to have ditched the portable toilets that are a far more convenient means of providing sanitary options if you’re an organizer.  They will have real, tiled bathrooms starting from this year.

3. A Barber Shop


Not too impressed with your do? Bored of your hippie beard? Head over to the barber shop stationed at the camping area and pimp out your do with Coachella’s very own ‘shear’ geniuses.

4. More charging stations


There will be tons of places to charge your cell phones all over the festival grounds. You will find both USB and standard American 2 prong outlets to plug in your phone chargers from the beer gardens to the food area to a few of the sponsor tents and onsite camping. The Sherp seriously recommends you save your battery for staying in touch, and let your eyes do all the recording.

5. The Do Lab Stage


Renowned worldwide for creative interactive environments at festivals, the Do Lab has been known to outdo other stages with their elaborate art installations and cinematic aura. This time though, they have outdone themselves. Their implicit lineup features some unique and extraordinary electronic acts such as M.A.N.D.Y., Lange 8, Justin Jay, The Glitch Mob, Mija, Dr. Fresch and more.

6. Keep your beer warm at all times

491_1r12_andy_post_beverage_photography_beer_bottles(Image Courtesy:

Stocked up a pile of beer but forgot your mini-fridge in the garage? No problem. Campsite folk can now stack upto two cases of Heineken beer at the Heineken cold storage. Timings: THUR 12PM – 2AM. FRI-SUN 8AM – 2AM

7. Grab some vintage vinyls

vinyl(Image Courtesy:

Stop by their on site vinyl emporium in the lobby to browse an amazing section of vintage LP’s and 45’s curated by their camping resident DJ Moustache.  You might come across some real gems out here.

8. Food options galore

coachellafood(Image Courtesy:

Prepare yourselves for a culinary adventure like never before. Some of So Cal’s finest restaurants will be putting up their stalls at the festival along with plenty of options for Vegan, Raw Vegan, Gluten Free food selections in the terrace area.

9. A pool party minus the water 


JBL is hosting an epic pool party complete with cabanas, massages, music and lifeguards. Situated right next to the JBL tent near the Gobi stage, just share an image of your most epic summer moment on Instagram and tag it #EpicPoolParty and @JBLAudio for a chance to win VIP Passes to the festival. Know more about it HERE.

10. THIS line-up


We’ll let this flyer do all the talking.